LED Christmas Lights

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LED Christmas Lights

Make your Christmas Green as well as white by utilizing these long-lasting, energy efficient LED Christmas Lights this holiday season.

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LED Christmas Lights

It is the time of year when many people wish to show their holiday spirit by decorating their homes with all sorts of holiday lights, and now, including LED christmas lights.

A Revolution in Exterior Illumination-LED Lights

During the dark, cold days of December, many of us welcome the bright colorful Christmas lights, bringing a very festive appearance to our homes - Also the kids won't let you forget that these lights will let Santa know where you live. Up until now, traditional Christmas lights have consumed a tremendous amount of electricity.

When many residents used these traditional Christmas lights, it was not unusual for utility bills to skyrocket during the holiday season. Many people were forced to give up on the traditional lights in favor of other decoration to help save money over the holidays. Several years ago, we began to see energy-saving LED Christmas lights arriving on store shelves.

The first versions had their share of problems. The white lights had a bluish hue and were too bright. The colored lights lacked the warm glow that was associated with traditional Christmas lighting. And to top it off, as with any new product that is introduced on the market, the first generation lights were pricey as compared to the traditional lighting.

Manufactures of LED lighting have made great strides in LED lighting technology in the past few years, making LED Christmas Lights appear more like traditional lighting that we all grew up with, allowing the consumer to save a lot of energy over the holidays in the process.

Traditional Christmas Lights vs. LED Christmas Lights:

As compared to their more traditional counterparts, LED Christmas lights have several advantages. Reduced energy usage is the most obvious usage. As compared to traditional lights, LED Christmas Lights use a fraction of the energy. A major retail chain made a comparison of LED lights vs. traditional lights.

60 LED Mini-Lights used 4.8 watts

100 Traditional Mini-Lights used 40.8 watts

Also, the 60 LED Christmas Lights put out approximately the same amount of lumens (lighting strength) as the 100 traditional Christmas lights.

25 C9 LED bulbs consumed about 2.4 watts

25 Traditional C9 bulbs consumed about 175 watts

If your family is like many out there, simply switching from traditional to LED Christmas lights will pay for the initial cost of the switch in a very short period of time.

LED Christmas Lights - Additional Advantages:

Have a burned out light bulb on your traditional string of bulbs? Yes, we are all aware of struggling with that frustration. The whole string of lights would go down if there was just one burned out bulb in these older strings of lights.

Even though the newer strings of lights solved this problem, the amount of burned out lights is quite alarming. With a life of up to 25,000 or more, LED lights are likely to last you a lifetime, without ever burning out.

Also most LED's are made from high-impact plastic eliminating glass breakage or bulb filament failures.

Traditional Bulb Get Very Hot While LED's Are Cool To The Touch:

We all know that simply touching a traditional bulb that has been burning for a while will give you a nasty burn. LED's can be used without worry of overloading circuits, or creating a fire hazard - or getting your fingers burned for that matter.

Nowadays there are many fantastic varieties of LED Christmas lights available, ranging from the traditional looking lights to strings that look like snowflakes, icicles, and other shapes. Also due to the fact that LED's are each controlled by a separate processor, you can have flashing, blinking, and other elaborate displays.

LED Christmas Lights - Potential Disadvantages

Each year the list of potential disadvantages of LED lighting gets a little shorter.

Expense: Expense was one of the negative aspects of early LED lights. Each year LED's drop in cost and are now coming in-line with costs as compared to traditional Christmas lighting. Although the life-span and savings in operational costs of LED's will more than make up for the cost difference.

Color: Early LED lights were plagued with bluish white lights and a harsh color quality. Newer "warm" white LED lights have been a welcome introduction for this problem.

The early colored LED lights were very harsh. Newer version available today are much more warm and have a very natural appearance.

Given all of this technology, we feel that there is no question that the new LED Christmas Lights are THE way to go. Given the difference in energy usage alone, is a great reason to make the switch.

Even additional energy savings can be realized by using a lighting timer to turn off the lights during the day and in the middle of the night. Timers are now becoming much more reasonably priced and are very easy to install.