LED Light Fixtures

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LED Light Fixtures

Low energy consumption and extremely long bulb lifes are the hallmark of LED light fixtures - but beware as not all LEDs are created equal.

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LED Light Fixtures

LED lighting has been gaining a lot of favor recently. They are a rapidly evolving technology that produce lighting in a new and unique way.

Be aware though that not all LED light fixtures are created equal, and even though they are beginning to surpass quality and efficiency of existing technologies, there was a need to develop a standard to protect the consumer..

LED Light Fixtures - Recessed Downlite Application

LED Light Fixtures - Recessed Downlite Application

The Energy Star Label was developed so these light fixtures would have to be designed to meet strict performance and efficiency standards. In order to meet the Energy Star Rating, Qualified LED light fixtures must meet the following criteria:

Utility Bill Savings: LED light fixtures must use 75% less energy than standard incandescent or flourescent lighting.

Long Lasting: Bulb life shall be 22 years or 25,000 hours, based on average use in the home.

Guarantee: The product must possess a minimum of a 3 Year Warranty, which far exceeds the industry standard.

Features: Some indoor units must offer dimming capabilities while outdoor rated fixtures must offer automatic daylight shut-off and motion detection switching.

Very Durable: As compared to standard incandescent or flourescent bulbs, LEDs shall be designed to be very durable and break-resistant.

Heat Reduction: LEDs shall be designed to have a minimum heat buildup to reduce cooling loads.

Recessed LED Retrofit Light Fixture

LED Light Fixtures - Recessed Retrofit Light Fixture

All LED Light Fixtures Are Not Created Equal:

But aren't all LED light fixtures long-lasting, and highly efficient? LEDs that are poorly designed will significantly shift color, produce an uneven lighting pattern, look dim, flicker, and continue to use power after they are switched off, among other problems, and these problems can surface even after only one year of use.

We have witnessed LEDs being used as lighting indicators for electronic equipment for years now, but using them to create stable, white lighting, as a general light source presents many challengers to the lighting design engineers. Smart and intutive design is the key to success for these light fixtures.

LED Light Fixtures - Recessed Spots

LED Light Fixtures - Recessed Spots

Energy Star Qualified LED Light Fixtures:

Energy Star qualified LED light fixtures must meet a strict set of design and performance standards to carry the Energy Star label. They must also go through a testing procedure to prove that they can meet or exceed the following standards:

Light Output: As compared to existing lighting technologies (incandescent or flourescent lights), the LED light fixtures must equal or exceed these brightness levels over the fixtures lighting distribution area.

Constant Light Output: Lighting level of the fixture shall be very constant over the life of the fixture (at least 22 years or 25,000 hours and 3 hour average usage per day). The fixture is allowed to experience a decrease in light output towards the end of its usable life.

Quality Color Output: The fixture shall exhibit good color rendition and color temperate and shall not shift color over the life of the fixture.

Energy Efficiency: LED light fixtures shall at least equal the energy efficiency of existing flourescent lighting sources.

Instant-On Starting: The fixture shall produce full lighting level instantly upon switching it into the "on" position.

Flicker Resistant: When the fixture is dimmed there shall be no percievable flickering.

Off-State Power Draw: When the fixture is switch off, there shall be no power draw.

Some LED designs exhibit a power draw even when the fixture is in the "off state". The standard will not allow any power draw, with the exception of 0.5 watts for external power controls.

While LED light fixtures are a great way to save a lot of energy and offer long bulb life, there are a wide range of problems that poorly designed fixtures can exhibit.

Some of these problems are immediately observable and other will only surface over time - some for as much as a year time span before they surface.

Beware of Outraggeous Claims For LED Light Fixture Manufacturers:

Beware of manufacturers that offer exaggerated performance claims as they often fail to deliver on these claims, and cannot live up to their specifications.

In other words if the claim is "too good to be true", it most likely really is too good to be true.

Therefore, in your search for LED light fixtures, be sure to look for manufacturers that display the Energy Star Label to ensure the consumer that these strict standards and tests have been performed and will give you the ultimate customer experience.

LED light fixtures are a great development in lighting technology, albeit very new in the general lighting category, but that should not deter you from giving them very serious consideration for your next new home construction or retrofit project.