Linoleum Flooring

Linoleum Flooring - the original eco friendly flooring material.

Linoleum Flooring

Learn here what makes this flooring green, as well as where it works well, how much it will cost you.

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You may have forgotten about linoleum flooring back in the late 70's, but it's actually a very eco friendly option that is also cost effective. Read on to learn more about this green product and how it may work for you.

What Makes Linoleum Flooring Eco Friendly?

This may come as a big surprise, but it's actually made from all natural ingredients. It's biodegradable and is also extremely durable. Additionally, linoleum is hypoallergenic. Put all of those together and you end up with a really eco friendly floor!

Linoleum Flooring

Place Linoleum Flooring Wherever You Need It

Where Should I Use It?

You can really use linoleum flooring anywhere that you'd like, however, it works especially good in offices, laundry rooms, playrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. It's antiseptic qualities make it a healthy choice and linoleum flooring is very easy to clean.

The Cost of Linoleum

Linoleum flooring typically costs between $4 - $5 a square foot for product only. You'll also need to factor in the cost of sub-flooring or underlayment.

In some instances, linoleum can be adhered directly to the flooring that you currently have in place, but underlayment is definitely encouraged.

One mistake that people make is to glue linoleum directly to hardwood floors, only to end up with a huge mess should they ever decide to return to hardwood.

Paying for underlayment now will save you time and a huge headache should you ever want to enjoy your hardwood flooring again.

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Inexpensive - Linoleum Floors

Installation Cost of Linoleum Flooring

Installation can run between $2 - $4 a square foot, depending on what part of the country you live in. Self installation is possible, however, if you don't have a fair amount of do-it-yourself experience, this may be one job that's best left to the pros.

Linoleum typically comes in a fixed width of about 6' - 7'. That means that you'll need to use more than one sheet for any room wider than this. More than one sheet of linoleum flooring means seams -- and you may want a professional to manage this to ensure that your seams will be as low profile as possible.

Green Living Tip: For small areas, check for remnant pieces. You'll typically get these for a fraction of the price because they are only available in small sections and it's a great green thing to do!

Linoleum Floor Design Possibilities

Linoleum Flooring Installation - Best Left To The Professionals

Installation Tips:

Installation Tips Consider carefully the benefits of using underlayment. You'll protect whatever is underneath your linoleum flooring.

If you are going to use underlayment, make sure that you choose one that does not contain formaldehyde. Cork and rubber are both great underlayment options. A company called EcoTimber offers underlayment that contains 92% post-industrial recycled content and contains no formaldehyde or VOC's.

If you are laying linoleum in a wet room, such as a bathroom or kitchen, make sure that you add silicone caulk at all seams - especially at a bathtub or toilet. Consider using a professional - especially for large jobs!

Linoleum Flooring Design Possibilities

Linoleum Flooring - Design Possibilities

Caring For Linoleum Caring for Linoleum Flooring Caring for linoleum can be done in a very green manner as well. It's really as simple as regularly sweeping the floor and wet mopping as needed.

Warm water and a small amount of dish detergent is plenty to keep your floor clean. You may also want to seal your linoleum every year or so to keep it looking new.

Choose a sealer that does not contain VOC's, or is marked as low VOC. Don't use harsh chemicals on your linoleum. They aren't eco friendly, you don't need them, and they'll actually harm your flooring.

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