Lyptus Cabinets

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Lyptus Cabinets

Lyptus is a rapidly renewable wood source and is alse very beautiful as a hardwood substitute.

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Another great option for you if you are trying to be more eco friendly is to try lyptus cabinets.

You'll enjoy beautiful, high-quality cabinets that looks like they've been made from an exotic wood species while also doing something really green!

If you haven't yet heard of lyptus as an option for cabinetry, you aren't alone. It's a fairly new material on the market, but there are lots of advantages and we'll tell you all about them here.

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Lyptus Cabinets - What Makes Them Green

What Makes Lyptus Cabinets Green

One of the main reasons why lyptus is considered to be an environmentally friendly wood choice is due to the fact that it only takes 18 - 20 years to reach full maturity.

Many hardwoods that have been popular for years take 50 - 80 years to reach maturity. Because lyptus grows so much faster, it's a far more renewable choice, meaning growers can continue to replenish forests without ruining natural resources.

Another benefit to choosing lyptus cabinets is that the trees are being grown on plantations designed specifically for growing to create a building product.

The farmers are mostly harvesting these trees in areas that have been void of trees for many years, so forests are not being destroyed in order to create another product for human consumption. Instead, new forests are being created and continually renewed.

FSC Certified Forest

Lyptus Cabinets

Lyptus is also an extremely strong wood choice, which is always an important consideration when choosing products for use in your home. For example, it's about 30% harder than oak.

Choosing a high quality wood for your kitchen cabinets means that they'll last longer - using products that you'll be able to enjoy longer means they won't end up in a landfill as soon - and that's great when you're trying to be green!

Last, eucalyptus trees produce 30 times more lumber per hectare when compared with many trees that are grown in unmanaged forests.

What does this mean to you? It's important because each tree is producing more useable lumber and less trees have to be cut down to produce your green cabinets.

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Lyptus Cabinets

Other Benefits of Lyptus Cabinets

It's beautiful. Now, I understand that looks are a pretty subjective decision, but I haven't met anyone yet that doesn't think these cabinets are an extremely attractive choice for cabinets.

It's similar in wood grain and appearance to really popular exotic woods like mahogany, but it's much cheaper and far more environmentally friendly.

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Lyptus Cabinets

Other Benefits of Lyptus Cabinets - Cont.

The wood is also less knotty than that of most naturally grown trees which means that you'll enjoy a finished product that has a very uniformed and clean look.

Lyptus also stains more evenly than many other hardwoods, which also results in a nicer finished appearance.

If you're building a new home and are attempting to obtain a LEED rating, you'll be glad to know that choosing these green cabinets will help you to get LEED points and you'll be that much closer to that LEED rating that you're looking for.

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Lyptus Cabinets - The Warm Look of Mahogany

Lyptus Cabinets - Where to Buy Them:

If you'd like to get more information about choosing lyptus cabinets or are interested in purchasing them for your home, there are lots of great resources for you.

First, if you want to be really eco friendly and you're up to the task, you can build your own custom cabinets. Lyptus is available in many forms, so all the material you'd need to build your own can be purchased.

You can also talk to a local cabinet maker if custom is what you are looking for. Even if they haven't used lyptus as a building material yet, they certainly can get the products they need to create the cabinets of your dreams.

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Lyptus Cabinets

Lyptus Cabinets - Sources for Purchase:

If you're looking for premade cabinets for you home, you'll find a list of companies that currently deal in lyptus:

Dura Supreme

Showplace Wood Products

Crystal Cabinets

Brighton Cabinets