Lyptus Hardwood Flooring

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Lyptus Hardwood Flooring

Lyptus is an amazing wood that grows very rapidly and has the beauty of hardwood.

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As if there weren't enough choices in the green flooring market, we've got another great option for you! Lyptus hardwood flooring is a wonderful choice for people who are looking for an exotic hardwood but still want to consider the environment when choosing a hardwood flooring option.

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Lyptus Hardwood Flooring

Lyptus Hardwood Flooring - What Makes it Green

The main reason why lyptus is considered an eco friendly flooring option is because of the time that it takes to grow. Many hardwoods can take 50 years or more to reach full maturity.

Lytpus comes from the eucalyptus tree and many growers are now growing trees in areas that have been void of trees for many years.

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What that means is that trees are not being cut down to make room for these trees to be grown solely for the purpose of creating a building product.

Instead, new trees are constantly being planted where none had previously been. Another eco friendly benefit to using lyptus as a flooring choice is that is produces 30 times more lumber per hectare versus trees that are grown in unmanaged forests.

That means that each tree is producing more useable lumber, which makes choosing lyptus hardwood flooring a great choice for someone who is looking for an exotic wood.

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Benefits of Lyptus Hardwood Flooring

Benefits of Lyptus Hardwood Flooring

Besides being more eco friendly than lots of other hardwood choices, lyptus is a great choice for several other reasons as well.

First of all, while it's comparable in wood grain and appearance to more exotic hardwoods, like mahogany, it's much a much cheaper alternative.

Lyptus also has less knots than many naturally grown trees which results in a more uniform finished product. Lyptus also stains far more evenly than some other choices like maple.

And Lyptus hardwood flooring is about 30% harder than oak - a popular choice for hardwood floors.

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The Beauty of Lyptus Hardwood Flooring

Lyptus Hardwood Flooring - LEED for Homes Rating

Currently, Weyerhauser is producing this great flooring and it's doing so in FSC certified forests, which means that if you are building a new home and are attempting to get a LEED rating, you will be eligible for LEED points if you choose this as a flooring option.

Besides all that, lyptus is beautiful and, if taken care of, will last forever.


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Lyptus Hardwood Flooring - LEED for Homes Points Available

Lyptus Hardwood Flooring - What Does It Cost?

The cost of Lyptus flooring is moderate when compared to other hardwood options. It's similar in look and feel to options like mahogany, but you won't pay mahogany prices for lyptus hardwood flooring.

Currently, the cost of lyptus as a flooring option is under $4.00

If you're looking for eco friendly and like the look of wood but want something different, this is probably the perfect option for you.

Lyptus Hardwood Flooring - Care Tips

Caring for lyptus is relatively easy. When you choose this as a hardwood flooring option, you won't be spending your time with a mop and a bucket.

As long as your floor has a surface finish (and most do), your main job will be to sweep or dust mop on a regular basis.

You can also use a soft brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner. Spills can easily be cleaned with water and a damp rag.

Like all hardwoods, you should clean your lyptus floors a few times a year with a high quality no-wax floor cleaner.