Metal Kitchen Cabinets

Metal Kitchen Cabinets - metal cabinets are eco friendly cabinets to consider.

Metal Kitchen Cabinets

We explain what they are and why they're green

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Metal kitchen cabinets are one of the coolest eco friendly options on the market today, especially for those who love a contemporary look. There are so many advantages to using metal for your cabinets beyond just being eco friendly.

They're also typically quite reasonably priced and are also extremely long lasting. If you haven't yet looked at what's available, you just might want to!

What Makes Them Eco-Friendly?

Metal kitchen cabinets may be the ultimate in eco friendly cabinet options for the conscious consumer. There are so many benefits, it's difficult to know where to start, but we'll do our best.

Metal is easily recyclable. That means that when you are finally done with them, they can be used for something else.

Recycled Metal Cabinets

Recycled Metal Cabinets

Non-toxic materials are not used in the production of these cabinets. That means no off-gassing, and traditional cabinets are famous for this exact thing.

Metal Kitchen Cabinets long lasting. I've always believed that things that last a long time are more eco friendly than those that have to be replaced in a few, short years.

They are easy to care for. If you use metal as a cabinetry material, you won't need to use any harsh chemicals to keep them clean.

Metal Kitchen Cabinets

Metal Kitchen Cabinets

Metal Kitchen Cabinets

Metal Kitchen Cabinets

Caring For Metal Kitchen Cabinets

Caring for these eco friendly cabinets is quite easy. Keeping stainless steel clean can be accomplished in a number of ways:

Everyday cleaning is as simple as using a micro fiber cloth. Wipe cabinets to get rid of dust.

Fingerprints and smudges can easily be removed with olive oil. Pour a small amount of olive oil onto a cloth and wipe your cabinets until they shine.

White distilled vinegar can be used to polish stainless steel. It will also remove heat stains from metal cabinets.

Streaks on stainless steel can be extremely annoying. A bit of club soda on a cloth will get rid of them in a hurry.

If you haven't yet considered stainless steel as an option for your cabinets, you should! They are attractive, eco friendly, and budget friendly!

Contempory Recycled Product Cabinets

Contemporary Recycled Product Cabinets

What Do They Cost?

As with any buying decision, unless you are lucky enough to have a limitless budget, cost is always going to be an important factor in your decision.

The good news is that the cost can be extremely reasonable. Your final cost is going to depend on the number and type of cabinets that you'll need in your kitchen. In many instances, you can pick up metal cabinets for less than what wood would cost you.

To get an idea of your cost, you'll want to measure your kitchen space and contact a local store or cabinet manufacturer to assist you with assessing your price. Obviously the grade of stainless steel or metal used is going to have an effect on your total cost.