Milky Spore

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Milky Spore

About the closest thing in organic pest control you can get for a magic bullet to control lawn grubs, Japanese Beetles and moles. The ultimate green gardening product.

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Ever look for a wonder product and thought that you could never find it? If you are looking for a way to control lawn grubs, Japanese Beetles and moles all in one shot, look no farther.

Milky-Spore is that product. No More Song Birds

When we moved into our new home located on 5 beautifully wooded acres, we never suspected that we would have the mole problems that we did. It took a few years for them to show up, buy show up they did.

At the time we were like most everyone else and went to our local garden center and bought the latest grub-killing potion out there. We won't mention any names, but it did have diazinon as the primary ingredient.

Did it take care of the moles? Yes it did for that one year. But to add insult to injury, we started to find dead songbirds around the yard and everything got strangely quiet. Yikes, what was happening?!?!

After some investigation, we found in our ignorance that by poisoning our grubs, they crawled to the surface and the birds ate the grubs....killing the birds. We felt terrible. One of the great things about living in the woods was listening to the birds.

After much investigation we stumbled across a obscure product called Milky Spore. We thoroughly investigated this product because we didn't want to repeat our hugh mistake.

Everything checked out - Completely organic and safe for birds and humans. We spread it per directions and it worked perfectly and it lasted for 12 years after the first application. Wow!! That is the power of organic pest control.

How does it work?

Milky Spore is a naturally occurring bacteria that when ingested by a grub, it paralyzes their digestive system, killing them. They crawl to the surface and the spores multiply by the billions, spreading over your entire lawn. After about 6 or 8 weeks your lawn is completely inoculated and your grubs are completely gone, as are your Japanese Beetles.

And the moles? They are looking for greener pastures. You just took away their food source and they won't come back until the grubs do.

After spreading this stuff on the lawn it's no worries for you, young children or any family pets. Everyone is safe and no poisons to contaminate your lawn, the water table or your song birds. Your yard in completely covered by a blanket of Milky Spore protection.

Milky Spore Dispenser
How Do You Apply It?

We like the power the best. We feel it has a much longer lasting presence in your lawn than the granular type. We have used the granular Milky Spore as well but we were not nearly as impressed.

If you buy the concentrate, follow the directions on the package exactly. Don't scrimp on the application and use their recommendations as the maximum spacing. Also buy the Applicator as it is very inexpensive and works very well.

You just fill the applicator and slam it into the ground at every 36 inches or one large sized walking pace to place a 36" x 36" grid of Milky Spore dots all over your lawn.

Water it in to activate it, and wait for the results. You shouldn't see much reduction for about a month, then you will start to see the decline in mole population with full control in about 8 weeks.

How much does this cost?

Milky Spore is not cheap. It runs about $90 to cover 10,000 square feet of lawn. The savings is in how long it lasts. You will discover that it is a very good investment. The applicator runs about $8.00 and will last for many applications, if kept in a dry location.

Where Can I Buy Some?

Milky Spore is sold at large garden retailers. At Green Living Made Easy, we purchase it online and have it delivered to our door. You can purchase it by following this link Milky Spore. You can also purchase the applicator on line by following the Applicator link.

Green Living Made Easy Rating?

This product gets our highest rating of 10 stars. It does everything as advertised, is completely eco-friendly, and solves 3 nasty problems with one application.

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