Money Saving Tips Laundry

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Money Saving Tips Laundry

Saving water, electricity and much more in these easy to implement green laundry room tips.

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One of the greatest things about trying to live a more eco friendly lifestyle is that it can often help you to save money. In this article, we'll give you some great saving money tips that you can use in the laundry room. And, they'll all help you to be more eco friendly too!

Tip #1 - Use the Right Amount of Detergent:

If you typically do full loads of laundry, it's pretty easy to forget to use less detergent for a smaller load.

But making sure that you use the proper amount of detergent can save a lot of money and waste less.

Tip #2 - Try Soap Nuts - A Cheap and Eco Friendly Alternative:

Laundry detergent is expensive. You can cut your costs a ton and do something great for the environment by trying soap nuts.

Soap nuts are literally nuts that are grown on trees. They are 100% biodegradable and totally green.

For $34, you can get enough soap nuts to wash between 200 - 400 loads of laundry. The best thing is that they actually work - really well. Click here to order Maggie's Soap Nuts.

If you are interested is more information about Soap Nuts, read the complete GLME Green Product Review of Soap Nuts.

Save Electricity in the Laundry Room

Money Saving Tips Laundry - Use Cold Water Washing

Tip #3 - Use Cold Water:

There may be some instances in which you need to use hot water, but in most cases, you can wash your clothes on cold. In fact, there are special detergents that you can use that are formulated to work best in cold water.

I often use cold water, even on clothes that should be washed in hot water, and they've always come out just as clean.

Tip #4 - Do All Your Laundry On One Day

It takes quite a bit of energy to heat your dryer, so it makes sense to do all your laundry on one day.

It makes sense to save some energy and dry your clothes faster by doing loads one right after another.

Tip #5 - Make Your Next Washer/Dryer Purchase Energy Star Certified:

A great money saving tip in the laundry room is to make sure that the next washer and/or dryer that you buy is Energy Star certified.

You can save hundreds and hundreds of dollars over the life of your washer and dryer if you pay attention to how much energy each of the models that are you considering uses. It may be worth it to pay a little more for a model that will use substantially less energy.

By Energy Star Washer & Dryer

Money Saving Tips Laundry - Clean Your Lint Trap

Tip #6 - Clean That Lint:

You probably know that you should clean your lint trap in your dryer every time you do a load. However, every once in awhile you should also clean the dryer vent that runs from the dryer into your wall.

And it's also worth your time to head outdoors to see where your dryer is venting outside. You'd be surprised how much lint can collect out there and when it gets full, your clothes will take longer to dry.

Tip #7 - Stop Using Fabric Softener:

Fabric softener is expensive. You can easily save some money in the laundry room by switching from fabric softener to either baking soda or vinegar.

Both work great as a fabric softener. They are also way more eco friendly and contain no chemicals. Just add either a quarter cup of either to your wash. And, no, the vinegar won't make your clothes smell - I promise!

Tip #8 - Hang Your Clothes to Dry:

This may go without saying, but if you live somewhere that allows you to hang your clothes to dry, this is a definite money saver. .

By Energy Star Washer & Dryer

Money Saving Tips Laundry - Choose Shortest Wash Cycle

Tip #9 - Use The Shortest Wash Cycle:

Choose the shortest wash cycle that makes sense. If you are washing clothes that aren't really that dirty, it doesn't make any sense to run the pre-wash cycle or the extra rinse cycle. Making small changes

in the laundry room can save you a good amount of cash over time and will also help you to become more green - and that's a great thing!