Natural Lawn Care

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Natural Lawn Care

Natural Lawn Care - Invest in your lawn's health by using only healthy lawn care products and forget all the poisons that are available on the market.

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Natural Lawn Care - Forget The Poisons!

Organic Lawn Mole Control

Moles are attracted to grubs that feed off the roots of our grass. How do you know is you have grubs? Here are a few clues. Ever notice moths skimming over the surface of your lawn, especially in the morning? Those moths are the lawn grubs in the mature stage. Have brown rings in your lawn? Grub damage for sure.

Mole Damage - Handle It In True Organic Lawn Fashion

Grubs are the primary food for moles and moles will carve up your land with an incredible vigor if you have grubs. The way most people handle grub control is by the use of products that have Diazinon as the poisoning ingredient - look at the package.

DON'T BUY THIS POISON! It will get rid of your moles and your grub problem but it will also kill all of your song birds and weaken the immune systems of you and your family members in the process. Use the safe, organic method on your organic lawn.

"Milky Spore": This stuff is magic. It's totally organic, I mean you could almost eat this stuff (don't try it though). Here is what you do... If you have any of the above conditions, or if you have any mole activity do this:

Spread Milky Spore on your lawn with their Tube Applicator which is just a cardboard tube that dispenses a measured amount of the compound on the lawn when you tap it on the ground. They usually recommend you place it in a 36" square pattern of dots on your lawn. Just take big paces and at each pace, slam it onto the grass.

How it works: The milky spore is a naturally occurring bacteria that happens to paralyze the digestive tract of the grub and kills them. As the grubs die the bacteria spreads millions of spores and eventually covers all areas of your lawn.

Again, don't expect instant results and be patient. It takes several (like 6) weeks to a few months to work. If you have severe mole problems, spread it on in the early spring for results by mid-summer, with total control by the next growing season.

It appears to be more expensive than the poison, but it's not. Once it's applied properly, it will last from 6 to 10 full years and possibly longer. I use it all the time and haven't had a mole or grub in my lawn for 30 years. Now That's a true organ lawn!

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Natural Lawn Care - Having Problems With Weeds?
Corn Gluten

Natural Lawn Care - Fight Weeds With Corn Gluten

Again, most people typically go to their local garden center or super-store and pick up that good-old bag of "weed and feed". Look at the package --- Yuck! Are you really spreading that stuff on your lawn where your kids play, eat grass blades, dogs and cats roll on that stuff? The secret is easy.

Hit weeds hard in the spring and do it naturally with a natural pre-merge that I have found. It is called Corn Gluten and is available at any well-stocked nursery center, farm and garden center, or even some of the big box stores.

Some of the commercially available pre-merge is also Corn Gluten - again read the ingredients to be sure. Another plus of this stuff is that it is a fertilizer for your organic lawn and landscape beds as well.

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Having Problems With Weeds?
Keep Your Grass Mowed Long In Summer

Another thing about weeds is that they need sun to grow. Ever notice that you hardly have any weeds in the shady part of your yard, but in the sun - Wow! This would be another reason for having a long, thick organic lawn. The longer blades of grass also shade the weed seed from germinating.

Stay on top of the weed situation in your lawn too. Get them early in the spring when they are first appearing. Then is when it is easiest to get the weed, root and all. And if you don't get the all of the root - the weed pops up again and again.