Natural Make Up

Natural Make Up - organic make u,mineral makup and the benefits of using them.

Natural Make Up

Natural Make Up is healthier for your skin and the environment than traditional make up. Learn about the benefits of using organic make up or mineral makup and what's best to use.

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If you are anything like me, you've got to have your make up. Not too long ago, I wouldn't even go out to get the mail without my make up on. Life, and kids, have made me too busy to need make up all the time - but I still don't like to leave the house without it.

As I've become more interested in green living, I've started to wonder about what exactly is in the make up that I'm using on my face. I started researching the ingredients in traditional make up and what I found surprised me.

Just what's in traditional Make Up?

Mineral Oil: Mineral oil is found in many lipsticks and is also in make up removers. The main problem with mineral oil is that it causes clogged pores - but it's also been proven to cause other health problems, and has even been linked to cancer.

Talc: Our moms used to use talc on us in the form of powder, every time that they'd change our diapers. It's now known that talc has been linked to ovarian cancer and has also been proven to cause cancer in rats.

FD&C Color Pigments: Color pigments are found in many make up items and can cause skin sensitivity. They can also be absorbed into the skin and can cause depletion of oxygen.

Propylene Glycol: This ingredient is used to stop personal care products from drying out. Unfortunately, it's been linked to liver and kidney problems.

Learning this was frustrating and upsetting to me since I really don't want to completely give up make up. Thankfully, there are natural make up options that are much safer and more environmentally friendly..

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What Should You Look For:

The most important thing you can do when purchasing make up is to pay close attention to the ingredients. If you don't know what an ingredient is, take the time to look it up before using the product.

While there are natural make up options available, one of the major problems is that the FDA doesn't regulate personal care items - so it's not going to be as simple as looking for a seal of approval.

Some things that you should look for are:
Organic Ingredients
Natural Minerals
Make up that is made with out Parabens
Make up that is free of synthetic preservatives
Where to Find Natural Make Up 

Since realizing the importance of make up that's healthier for my skin, I've been checking out a lot of different options. Here are a few of my favorites, including my experience with each company.

Premium Minerals: This company offers lots of great natural options and their prices are fair. They even encourage eco friendliness by sending make up in bags and allowing you to refill your own jars. They have a full line of make up, ranging from foundation to lipstick, and blush to eye shadow.

Purity by Mineral Science: I haven't personally purchased their make up but I have friends that are extremely happy with them. The one drawback to me is that you can't purchase individual items - their items are shipped in a package.

Cleopatra's Choice: This company offers mineral make up at extremely good prices. They also offer discounts on multiple orders of the same item -so it's worth it to place an order with a few friends. They also offer other hair and body products, including a lot of dead sea salt body items...which I love!