Natural Wool Carpet

Natural Wood Carpet - wool carpet is very eco friendly.

Natural Wool Carpet

Natural wool carpet is the most eco friendly carpet option available. Learn what makes it eco friendly, what it will cost, and more.

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At Green Living Made Easy, we aren't real big fans of carpeting, with the exception of natural wool carpet.

Most carpeting is made from synthetic materials, chemicals are used in the production of carpet that can be harmful to home occupants, and if it's glued down, additional harmful chemicals are introduced into your home.

Plus, all kinds of "stuff" - dust, dirt, pet dander, and who knows what else, gets into the carpet and can wreak havoc for those with allergies.

Natural wool carpet is the exception to this rule. While we actually don't use any carpet in our homes, we highly recommend wool if you really enjoy the warmth and comfort that carpet brings.

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Natural Wool Fibers

What Makes Natural Wool Carpet Eco Friendly?

When you purchase carpet that is made from 100% pure wool, it isn't treated with any dyes, pesticides, or stain protection. This is good for the environment and very good for household occupants - especially those who suffer from allergies.

Wool carpet is typically made with natural materials in their raw form. Wool is completely biodegradable and can also be recycled. Both are extremely green properties.

Wool carpet is not colored with synthetic dyes. Instead, naturally pigmented fibers are used which is far more green. Wool is naturally fire resistant, which means that fire retardant chemicals don't need to be added to your carpeting.

Wool is extremely durable and long lasting. Products that last longer are always more eco friendly than those that often need to be replaced.

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Natural Wool Carpet

What Does Natural Wool Carpet Cost?

As you may have already realized, the cost of the wool carpeting is the catch! It's no secret that wool is far more expensive than many of the synthetic options on the market.

It's important to consider not only the environmental and health benefits of wool when trying to justify the cost - but also the durability of the material.

Yes, you'll spend more up front, but you'll be able to keep the carpet much longer, potentially saving money in the long run. Wall to Wall wool carpeting will typically cost you between $50 and $75 per square yard for the carpet alone.

You'll have the added cost of padding and insulation. If you do the math, that's a lot of money for one room of carpeting. It's actually more expensive than many of the other eco friendly flooring alternatives.

But if you're set on carpet and you have the money to burn, it's the best carpeting you can buy from a green living standpoint.

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Natural Wool Carpet

Wool Carpeting Installation Tips

Don't spend your money on wool carpeting for the eco friendly benefits that you'll receive and then negate your investment by purchasing padding that's full of chemicals and VOC's.

Instead choose felt or rubber padding. Always check for VOC's when choosing your padding.

Consider allowing professionals to handle the installation of your natural wool carpet. You don't want to spend your hard earned money on the cost of the carpet only to ruin it by trying to install it yourself. The cost of installation is minimal when compared to the cost of materials.

Make sure that your installer is not using glues or other materials in the installation of your natural wool carpet that will introduce harmful chemicals into your home.

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Natural Wool Carpet

Caring for Natural Wool Carpet

Deal with spills as soon as you see them! Use a clean rag or paper towels to BLOT the stain. Don't rub it into your carpet. Don't rub your carpet. It will cause the piling to burst, look fuzzy, and can even change the color of the area that was rubbed.

If you can't remove a stain by blotting, choose a wool-safe spot remover or cleaner. Don't use other commercial cleaners or detergent on your carpeting. Leave major cleaning to the pros.

Because wool carpet is such a large investment, major cleaning jobs are probably best contracted out to a professional. If you take good care of your carpet, you won't need full cleanings very often. When you do, call a carpet cleaning service.

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