Naturemill Composter

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Naturemill Composter

Easy to use, very eco-friendly composter you can use in your kitchen. Dispose of 120 pounds of waster per month.

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How would you like just 3 very easy steps to get rid of your kitchen waste and the result is clean, odor-free compost. Right in your kitchen.

Sound too good to be true? No really - with the Naturemill Composter you can simply and easily do this by just following these 3 steps:

Add Items, Any Time of The Day: You can add coffee grounds, meat, dairy, fish, vegetables and just about anything you generate in your kitchen.

Naturemill Does the Rest: The upper chamber mixes, heats and aerates your compost automatically and then transfers the compost to the lower chamber so you can continue to add fresh items.

Empty the Compost: When the red light comes on, you are free to empty the lower chamber, which will now be clean, fresh-smelling compost which you can sprinkle on your garden or landscape border.

Naturemill Composter - How it Works:

You can locate the Naturemill Composter anywhere that is convenient in you kitchen or pantry. You can choose to conceal it beneath a lower cabinet if you desire.

You can place up to 120 pounds of kitchen waste per month into the composter. Simply cut items into smaller pieces for best results.

The items remain in the upper chamber, being mixed with optimal amounts of moisture, airflow and agitation to keep the composting process moving at the optimal rate.

The compost is later transferred to the lower chamber, through a trap door, where it continues to compost while you add fresh items to the upper chamber.

Naturemill Composter - What About The Smell?

Natural compost cultures consume waste quickly, without odors. They produce a mild aroma like sourdough, mushrooms, or straw.

Balance the chemistry by adding sawdust to increase "brown" content, and baking soda to reduce acidity (both are included).

A fan draws air into the machine, providing oxygen to the cultures. A powerful carbon filter removes any lingering odors.

Naturemill Composter - Endless supply of compost:

Approximately every 2 weeks you can empty the lower tray when the indicator light comes on. Almost 70 percent of the waste that you put into the top tray virtually disappears into thin air, as compost cultures convert it into harmless water vapor.

The bottom tray now is filled with moist aromatic compost, with a smell that many people describe as sourdough or mushroom. You can immediately empty the contents of the lower tray into your garden.

You can then start the process over again, as you keep adding waste products to the top tray.

Naturemill Composter - Dislikes:

Green Living Made Easy loves this product. It will give you a truly green experience and make composting fun and simple.

Naturemill uses only 50 cents of electricity per month, which is a drop in the bucket compared to the amount of money in involved with 120 pounds of waste taken to the landfill.

Plus you can spread the results on your garden and landscape and reduce the need to fertilize by using this rich organic compost.

Product Features

    Home composter
    Sustainable living
    Make compost every 2 weeks
    Comes with 6 month additional supply of sawdust
    Makes composting easy for indoor or outdoor use
Green Living Made Easy Tip:

Naturemill has a handy cabinet adapter that allows you to easily slide the naturemill out of a lower cabinet for easy access, making it even more convenient to process your kitchen wastes.

Naturemill Composter - Green Living Rating:

Overall, we give the Naturemill Composter 10 out of 10 stars. It's a great green product, it's convenient, produces great compost and operates on a minimal amount of electricity.

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