No Mow Grass

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No Mow Grass - Product Review

Sick and tired of dragging your mower around the yard every summer? Try No Mow Grass and save time, energy, chemicals and the environment.

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Wouldn't it be great? A drink in your hand, relaxing, watching the kids play on the green, lush lawn. This scene doesn't create itself, and it isn't your imagination; you CAN have and enjoy a perfect lawn that does not have to be mowed!

No matter where you reside, untold hours are spent following the lawn mower around the yard to produce that great, green, manicured lawn setting.

We surely do ask ourselves that in this age of technology, isn't there an product that will relieve all this drudgery of spending every waking hour taking care of our lawns?

Are you ready for this? There is a grass that exists, right now, that you can have in your yard that drastically reduces or even eliminates the need for mowing. That is what I call progress.

Not only does taking care of a lawn require lots of toil and trouble, it is hard on the environment as well.

Firstly, most lawns required vast amounts of water to stay looking their best, not to mention the synthetic fertilizer and toxic chemicals most people spread on their lawns to to protect it against insects, weeds and etc.. And then there is the mowing where huge amounts of fossil fuels are consumed to keep the turf trimmed.

You can still have a very green and health lawn if you use the grass seed that is available from the No-Mow Grass Company.

The Advantage of No Mow Grass

Now for the really great part of this...You don't need to tear-up your existing lawn to plant this stuff. Just spread the No-Mow Grass seed over your existing lawn any time of the year. The new grass will take over your lawn within a year or two that is very low maintenance and even meets the requirements of LEED for low water usage.

By using this product, you will find that the No Mow Grass will use far less chemical usage and pollution because of the reduced mowing requirement. The unique grass seed from No-Mow Grass grows sideways and to a height of only 2 to 6 inches, giving you a very neat appearance.

Compare that to the more common grasses that when left un-mowed, will reach heights of several feet or more.

At a cost of only about $0.03 per square foot, No-Mow Grass will save you money through reduced water, chemical and mowing needs.

Typically, most No-Mow Grass lawns will need a trim about once a month, during the peak growing season.

Climatic Requirements for No Mow Grass:

The Original No-Mow Grass or Improved BG Mix for high traffic areas is recommended for areas that experience hard freezes.

The No Mow Grass Hot Dry Mix, which consists of Alpine fescue and supine bent mix is recommended for hot and dry climates.

How Do You Plant a No Mow Grass Lawn, and When?

Planting a No-Mow Grass lawn depends on whether you are going to be putting in a new lawn or overseeding your present lawn. You also will have to determine which variety to purchase - warm or cool climate seed.

If you wish to get more information on your particular area and situation, be sure to visit the No-Mow Grass website for detailed information on when to plant, how much you will need to purchase and detailed problem-solving information.

You can purchase it in 1, 5 or 25 pound bags of seed. Also, pricing will vary on the type of seed that you require.

Another great source of this type of grass seed is the Ecology Lawn Seed company.

Now, let's go back to the kids playing in a green, lush, lawn and you are sitting in the shade with a cool drink. While you are sitting there, you are thinking about all of the hard work, sweat, chemicals and water you are saving with your new No-Mow Grass turf.