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One2Flush Dual Flush - Product Review

One2Flush Dual Flush | A review of this great easy to install, inexpensive toilet conversions kit to save up to 30,000 gallons of water per year.

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There is not much dispute that one of the major water consumers in our households is the standard water closet or toilet, which gets multiple uses each day.

While all it takes is some discipline, especially with the kids, we can engage in some educational sessions to try to minimize wasting our precious clean water rather than just flushing water needlessly down the drain.

Not only are we wasting fresh water, we are putting additional strain on our waste treatment facilities. That being said, we also should be concerned with the amount of water that is being used for each and every flushing operation.

This is why I feel that when a product that comes along like the One2Flush Dual Flush toilet adapter, we should sit up and make notice of the potential and the opportunity a product like this gives us to do our part to conserve our precious water.

One2Flush Dual Flush - What It Is:

The One2Flush Dual Flush is a device that you install on your existing toilet, whether you have a 3.5 gallon water closet, or one of the newer 1.6 gallon water closets, One2Flush has a conversion kit to fill your needs.

This device achieves similar results as the high end and expensive, dual flush toilets that are now on the market.

The One2Flush Dual Flush kit saves a tremendous amount of water by replacing the very inefficient flapper valve with a high tech piston mechanism.

This mechanism not only eliminates the leaky flapper, it uses much less water (1.4 gallons per flush for solid waste and 0.8 gallons per flush for liquid waste), and increased flushing force to provide you with much better usage of the water within the toilet tank.

One2Flush Dual Flush - How Much Water Can You Save?

According to EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) estimates, the average family of 4 uses 54 gallons of water per day to flush the water efficient 1.6 gallon toilets that meet current plumbing code standards for water efficient toilets.

1.6 Gallon Per Flush Toilets: The One2Flush Dual Flush kit used on one of these 1.6 gallons per flush toilets will save up to 60% of the total water usage. In other words it will bring it down from 54 gallons per day to 21 gallons per day. That is a water savings of over 12,000 gallons per year for just one family!

3.5 Gallon Per Flush Toilets: With the inefficient 3.5 to 5.0 gallon toilets the savings are even greater. EPA estimates that for the same family of 4, using a 3.5 gallon per flush toilet, there is a water consumption of 115 gallons per day.

With the One2Flush Dual Flush kit on one of these toilets, up to 70% of the water can be saved, bringing the water used per day down to 33 gallons per day. That is a water savings of 82 gallons per day or almost 30,000 gallons of water saved per year, for just one family.

One2Flush Dual Flush - Code Compliance:

These Dual Flush Devices are Uniform Plumbing Code compliant as well as Canadian code compliant. and have gone through the same strict testing as any other approved plumbing fixture.

These units are tested for a period of 75,000 flushes to insure reliable operation for years to come.

One2Flush Dual Flush - Conversion Kits Available

Been thinking about buying an expensive dual-flush toilet? Why spend $400 to $600 when you can get the same result with the One2flush dual flush toilet kit.

For only $29.95 and about 30 minutes on a Saturday afternoon, you’ll be saving a lot of water….and money too. Introducing the One2flushTM dual flush conversion kit, the first water conservation product that can help your family save thousands of gallons of water a year every time you flush your toilet.

One2flush Dual Flush Kit. Fits most 3.5 gallon toilets and 1.6 gallon toilets. $29.95

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Been thinking about replacing that 'still stylish' one piece toilet with a dual-flush model? Why spend all that money when you can get the same result with the One2flushdual flush kit for One Piece Toilets.

For only $29.95 and about 15 minutes on a Saturday afternoon, you’ll be saving a lot of water….and money too. The One2flush will save 1,000's of gallons of clean water every year.

One2flush Dual Flush Kit for One Piece Toilets: 3.5 gallon toilets or one piece 1.6 gallon Toilets. $29.95

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This Complete package contains everything you will need to give your existing toilet a complete upgrade to make function as good as most H.E.T. (high efficiency toilets) without throwing your perfectly good toilet into the land fill.

Not only do you get everything you need to modernize your toilet to current water efficiency standards, we are offering this package at a special reduced rate to make it easier for you to save water.

One2flush Dual Flush Bonus Pack: for standard 3.5 gallon toilets and 1.6 gallon toilets. $37.95 (Purchased separately the cost is

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One2Flush Dual Flush Facts:
    WILL fit almost any toilet on the market today
    MAKES your toilet a dual flush toilet at 10% of the cost of buying a new dual flush toilet, saving you hundreds of dollars on every toilet.
    HELPS you save over 8,000 gallons of water every year.
    SAVES you over $180.00 a year on your water bill.
    IS SIMPLE to install, usually less than 30 minutes.
    IS BUILT right to last for years
One2Flush Dual Flush - My Discovery:

I was really curious about this device. I wondered how easy it was to install, if it works as claimed, and was it reliable?

I have a newer home so I have all of the 1.6 gallon, water conserving toilets of the two piece design installed in my house. So I ordered the 1.6 One2Flush Dual Flush conversion kit for the 1.6 gallon toilet tanks for two-piece toilets.

When the kit arrived, I immediately opened it up and started the installation process. I was amazed at the ease of this install.

One2Flush Dual Flush - My Installation:

Here are the steps that would be necessary to install this on a standard 2-piece toilet.

    Turn off the water supply.
    Lift the Toilet tank lid and flush the toilet to empty as much of the water from the tank as you can. Simply use a plastic cup to empty the remainder of water from the tank, along with a sponge.
    Disconnect the water supply line feeding the toilet
    Remove the toilet tank bolts (if a two piece tank)
    Remove the old fill valve Remove the Flapper Remove the old handle assembly
    Finally remove the tank from the bowl assembly, which gives you access to the old flush valve. Remove that valve as well.
    While you have the tank off, clean the bottom of the tank and set it on its side.
The Installation:
    First disassemble the Dual Flush Valve and install the Valve Base on the bottom of the tank (and inside the tank).
    Next install the supplied rubber gasket between the tank and the bowl to prevent leaks.
    Slip the tank bolts into the tank and tighten, to prepare installation of the tank onto the bowl. Set the tank onto the bowl assembly and tighten the bolts with the supplied wing nuts.
    Install the new Fill Valve and Bowl Fill Tube with Micro valve (all supplied with the kit).
    Next take the Flush Valve and make the necessary adjustment for full flush and half flush operations
    Install the new supplied handle to give you half/full flush functionality.
    Install the cable mechanism that connects the handle to the valve.
    Check all connections to make sure everything is tight.
    Connect the water supply line back up to the tank and turn on the water supply.
    Test the half flush function and make adjustments as needed (I made no adjustments)
    Next test the full flush function and make necessary adjustments (again, I made none)
    Put the lid back on the tank and you are done.
    Let me tell you I’m about as far from a plumber as you can get, and I absolutely hate to work on plumbing fixtures, but this installation was a breeze,
    Everything went flawlessly and all I needed was an channel lock wrench, the Dual Flush kit and know that lefty is loosey and right is tighty and I was done in about 30 minutes.
    I have used the toilet quite a bit since this installation is it works really great. We have had some educational sessions with our kids about when to use half flush and when to use full flush and they are really getting the hang of it.
    And I can really say we are doing our part to conserve fresh water. I’m now planning on ordering 2 more kits for the other toilets in our household to extend our savings.
One2Flush Dual Flush - About The Company

One2Flush Dual Flush is sold by Being and is a company that is dedicated to water conservation and saving our natural resources.

Green Living Made Easy Rating?

This product gets our highest rating of 10 stars. It does everything as advertised, is completely eco-friendly and saves a tremendous amount of water for minimal cost and installation.

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