Organic Baby Bedding

Organic Baby Bedding -Organic Crib Sheets, Organic Cotton Sheets.

Organic Baby Bedding

Choosing organic baby bedding for your little one will ensure a healthier sleeping environment for them and is better for the planet. Choose from organic crib sheet, or organic cotton sheets.

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Chances are that you already buy cotton sheets for your baby's bed. If you are trying to become more green, you may want to consider switching to organic baby bedding when you make your next purchase.

There are lots of advantages to both your baby and the environment and the best news is that it doesn't have to be any more expensive than what you are already using. We'll explain why organic is better when it comes to crib sheets. We'll also give you some great options beyond cotton and tell you who has the best deals!

Why Organic Baby Bedding?

For sheets, Cotton is often the fabric of choice. This is especially true for crib sheets. Cotton is great because it's comfortable and easy to care for. There is one major problem with using regular cotton. That problem is pesticides and herbicides.

More of these chemicals are used on cotton crops than any other crop in the world! The problem with buying traditional cotton - the cotton that's been treated with all of these chemicals is threefold.

First, the use of these chemicals isn't good for the environment.
Second, it's not good for the people who work or live around the fields where these products are used.
Last, it's not good for the consumers who use the products that have been treated with harmful chemicals.

Many of the pesticides that are used on cotton contain known human carcinogens and the fact is that those harmful chemicals don't magically disappear when the cotton is harvested and turned into sheets or clothing.

This information alone is enough to make organic cotton a pretty lucrative choice. However, it gets even better.

Not only do farmers that grow organic cotton not use harmful pesticides on their crops, they also participate in additional measures that are helpful to the Earth. For example, they also engage in practices that replenish and maintain soil fertility, which is good for everyone.

Farmers who grow organic cotton must comply to strict regulations and must have independent 3rd party verification of their growing process.

What Organic Baby Bedding Options Are There?

You have two main choices when buying organic crib sheets. The first is to choose 100% organic cotton and the second is to buy bamboo baby bedding.

Organic Cotton Crib Sheets: The most obvious choice is organic cotton. You'll want to look for a tag on these sheets that says that it's made from 100% organic cotton.

Some manufacturers will use an organic blend and then attempt to market their product as organic - stay away from these products and the companies that manufacture them.

As we mentioned before, the cotton industry is strictly regulated, so products must be tested before they can be marked 100% Organic. Amazon has a great selection of organic cotton crib sheets in a wide variety of prices - starting at less than $15 and going up to about $60 a set.

If you choose sheets that are colored or have a print on them, make sure that they use organic or vegetable-based dyes and not synthetic ones.

Bamboo Crib Sheets:

Bamboo Bedding: Another great organic baby bedding option is bamboo. You've probably seen bamboo furniture, and have seen or heard about bamboo flooring and other products made from this sustainable grass, but you may not have known that they also make sheets and clothing out of bamboo.

We love bamboo for a lot of reasons:

It's extremely renewable. Bamboo is actually a type of grass that grows extremely quickly. It's ready for harvest in a matter of a few short years and continually grows.

Bamboo is naturally antiseptic. That means that no pesticides or herbicides have to be used on the crops. It's also been shown in field tests of bamboo sheets that germs left on bamboo sheets died within 24 hours.

We love how soft bamboo is. Sheets are actually made from the fibers of the plant and feel almost silky, without being slippery.

Bamboo has thermal qualities that help to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This is a great perk for babies that have a hard time regulating their body temperatures.

Bamboo is an extremely reasonably priced organic baby bedding option. Amazon has a great selection of bamboo crib sheets and most of them cost about $25.