Organic Beauty Products

Organic Beauty Products -Eco friendly beauty, Natural beauty products.

Organic Beauty Products

Eco friendly beauty tips on what's good for your skin & the environment. Read about natural beauty product reviews and recommendations.

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Until recently, I had never even considered organic beauty products as a part of my plan to become more eco friendly. It just wasn't something that even entered my realm of of thought until I read somewhere that the personal care industry is largely unregulated.

Look For A Movement To Organic Care

That's concerning, because if you're anything like me, you like looking good and you probably have entire drawers full of beauty products to assist you with your quest for perfection.

At last count, the overflowing drawers in my bathroom included special washes for every part of my body, lotions in every scent known to man, scrubs, masques, toners, tonics, make up for every occasion, and who knows what else.

Recently, I started wondering what exactly was in all this stuff that I've been slathering all over my body and if it's eco friendly. As I started reading all of the ingredients, I was shocked to find tons of ingredients with names that I couldn't even begin to pronounce!

I've got to wonder, is this really a good thing? I preach a lot about green living, but are all these products good for the environment? Equally important, are they good for my body?

The Quest Begins...

I've set out to see what all these ingredients are, how they affect the environment, and what organic beauty products are available on the market. Follow me on my journey:

Organic Hair Care

One of the first areas that came to mind with organic beauty products was hair care. I thought that I could certainly get a more eco friendly beauty routine when it came to my hair care routine by reducing the number of products that I use and spending less time using things like my hair dryer, curling iron, and straightener.

I was also amazed to learn that many of the products we put in our hair contain ingredients that can be extremely harmful and are not monitored by anyone! If you're concerned about what you are putting in your hair, visit our Organic Hair Care page for lots of useful information.

Natural Make-Up

Another area of major concern for me was learning about the ingredients that are included in my make up. I started to do some research and was surprised at what I learned.

If you watch television, chances are that you've seen plenty of commercials for natural and mineral based make up. The question is whether or not it really qualifies as an organic beauty product. We've learned what we can about popular items on them market. We also explain what's wrong with traditional make up. For more information, visit our Natural Make Up section.

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