Organic Crib Mattresses

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Organic Crib Mattresses

Choose from organ cotton crib mattresses, natural crib mattresses or eco-friendly crib mattresses for your green baby's health.

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When I had my first baby, buying a mattress was one of the most difficult and time consuming choices we had to make. That was thirteen years ago, and I didn't know a thing about organic crib mattresses, but I did know that I wanted the best that I could afford.

Today, as people become increasingly concerned about the effect of products on the environment and the effect of many chemicals used in the production of the products we bring into our homes, choosing the right mattress can be even more difficult.

At Green Living Made Easy, we firmly believe that "going green" should be all about making little changes and doing what you can to protect the environment. We don't think that people need to do everything exactly "right" to be green, and we think that each little change goes a long way.

In that context, we don't think that organic crib mattresses are the most important thing. There are definitely advantages to choosing an organic mattress for your baby, which is why we cover it on our website, but we also think it's important to note that if you have a perfectly good mattress from a previous child, the benefits of going organic may not outweigh the cost of buying a new mattress just because it's organic. Remember, green living is also about reducing waste!

However, if you need to buy a mattress for a baby anyway, then an organic crib mattress is definitely the way to go! We'll explain what sets them apart, what to look for, and tell you about a few of our favorites on the market.

What's Wrong With Traditional Crib Mattresses?

First, for many years now, a lot of chemicals and synthetic materials have been used in the production of mattresses. Most crib mattresses contain polyurethane foam, vinyl, phthalates, and chemical fire retardants.

Because babies spend so much of their first months sleeping, that means that they are potentially breathing in chemicals that have been used in the production of their mattress. To read a very in-depth explanation of the harmful chemicals that are used in the manufacturing of many crib mattresses, visit Naturepedic.

It's important to note that many of these chemicals and petroleum-based synthetics that are used in the production of crib mattresses are not only potentially harmful to your baby; they are definitely harmful to the environment.

There are also many potential allergens in mattresses. For example, many beds contain something called "natural latex or rubber." You might think that since the word natural is included in the name that it's safe, however, that's not the case. In fact, the Food and Drug Administration requires items that use natural rubber to clearly state that it can cause allergic reactions in humans.

Last, it's important to note that there is not a lot of regulation that governs the production of mattresses. That means that manufacturers can use pretty much any chemical they want when they make a mattress and the government isn't going to stop them.

There are some independent 3rd party organizations that will test organic crib mattresses, but for the most part the industry is largely unregulated.


How to Choose an Organic Crib Mattress

Look for a mattress that only contains natural ingredients. What's NOT in the mattress is going to be your first clue that you've found a good product. - Look for a mattress that uses organic cotton on the exterior and for the filling of the crib. Look for 100% organic cotton.

    Pay attention to fire-proofing. One thing that the government does require is that all mattresses have some sort of fire barrier. Most companies use chemicals to meet this requirement. When choosing organic crib mattresses, you'll want to look for a fire-protection system that is non-toxic.
    Look for the use of hydrated silica, cellulose fiber, and baking soda - all safe alternatives to help meet the fire protection requirement.
    Look for a mattress that has been tested and approved by a 3rd party. This will ensure that the manufacturer is doing what they say that are. GreenGuard is an extremely strict laboratory that certifies mattresses and many other items. If a mattress bears the GreenGuard label, you can be pretty sure that it's truly eco friendly and safe for your baby.
Who Makes Organic Crib Mattresses? Our favorite organic mattress is made by a company called Naturepedic. One of their mattresses will cost you about $250, but if you are buying a new mattress anyway, it's well worth the expense.

They meet all of the criteria we talked about above and their products are certified by GreenGuard. We like Naturepedic because they specialize only in natural, organic mattresses and bedding products and they make a high-quality product for a fair price.

They haven't added a eco friendly mattress to their line just because it's the right thing to do - it's the only thing they do! If you are on a tight budget, or already have a crib mattress that you can still use, consider adding a Naturepedic CRIB SIZE FITTED Organic Waterproof Mattress Protector .

It will provide a barrier between your baby and the mattress that you already have and will only cost you $60.

Because it's made by Naturepedic, you can be sure that no harmful chemicals or products are used and that it's completely organic. Add a set of organic bed sheets, and you'll have made a mattress that you already have much safer and eco friendly for your baby to sleep on.

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