Organic Dog Beds

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Organic Dog Beds - Product Review

Have your dog sleep in eco-friendly style in some of these great green pet bed choices.

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Most pet owners love to spoil their pets. If you love your pets and you are trying to live a more eco friendly lifestyle, why not try an organic dog bed?

It's the ultimate in luxury for your favorite pet and it's very environmentally friendly.

Organic Dog Beds - Hemp Dog Bed:

This striped dog bed comes in both a round or square configuration. The exterior of this organic dog bed is made with hemp.

When something is labeled as organic, that means that it was grown without the use of herbicides or pesticides, which is an extremely good thing.

Organic Dog Beds - Striped Square Organic Hemp Pet Bed:

Striped Square Hemp Beds are eco friendly down to their bones! Hemp is an extremely durable fabric and naturally mildew-resistant.

The 100% organic hemp bed covers have been pre-washed and pre-shrunk and are machine washable. All dyes are natural and azo-free.

The Hypo-allergenic bed inserts are "green fiber" made of recycled post consumer plastic bottles and are channel quilted to keep the fiber in place.

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The inside of the dog bed is what the manufacturer calls a "green fiber" and it's made completely of post-consumer plastic bottles.

Reusing plastic bottles for anything is an extremely eco friendly thing to do because plastic takes an extremely long time to break down when placed in a landfill.

This organic dog bed takes being green one step further because all of the dyes used to color the bed are completely natural and azo-free.

Don't let the fact that this bed is made of all organic or recycled products fool you though, it's extremely comfortable and your pets are sure to love relaxing on their new environmentally sound bed! This great pet bed comes in small, medium, and large so you can pick up the bed that works best for the size of your pet!

Organic Dog Beds - Striped Square Organic Hemp Pet Bed:


Product Features:
Size: 25in. diameter
Available in Blue, Brown, Green, Orange and Red
100% organic hemp cover
Natural and azo-free dyes
Fiber insert made from recycled post consumer plastic bottles.

Organic Dog Beds - Tuckered Out XL:

Ease and comfort is the name of the game. Featuring a rounded bolster for added support and an open front to allow for easy access, the Tuckered Out® bed is the perfect choice for both the older pet dogs and the new born puppies and everyone in between.

Made with reinforced berber material for cozy warmth and stylish strength, the bed gives snuggling a whole new meaning! Thick denier 100% recycled IntelliLoftTM poly fill gives added volume, allowing maximum comfort without lumping or condensing.

Now with a Zipper closure, the cover is easily removable for quick washes. Entire Tuckered Out® bed is machine washable, making it easy maintenance. Loved by Dogs & Cats!

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Organic Dog Beds - Additional Eco-Friendly Options Available

Another couple of choices you may be interested in are the Tuckered Out XL which is make from berber outer coating.

The filler is a thick denier and 100% recycled ply fill that they call IntelliLoft, which is the trademark name of this great recycled material.

Another great feature is the zippered, removable outer cover that is machine washable.

Organic Dog Beds - Organic Bumper Bed:

Superior construction, luxurious fabric, a healthy alternative - making a difference never felt so good! The new Organic Bumper Bed® reflects the belief in making a difference for people and pets.

The organic cotton is taken and sew a long-lasting outer cover that your pet will love. Then it is stuffed full of super-soft, premium IntelliLoftTM stuffing, made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, that holds up to years of pawing, pacing, and plopping.

With a clean, fresh feel there is no better bed out there for your pooch, for you, and for the environment. Try it out with your allergic, sensitive or orthopedic pups. Machine washable with a zippered opening for easy maintenance.

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