Organic Gardening

Organic Gardening -Milky Spore, Drip irrigation

Organic Gardening

Organic Gardening | We Will step you through the process of selecting a site, managing it and care for your garden with drip irrigation, natural fertilizer and pest control measures.

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Whenever the word organic comes up most people immediately think of organic gardening and well you should because this is the granddaddy of everything organic that we speak of in such a general manner today.

Basically what gardening in a organic manner is, is that it relies on cultural gardening practices and natural products rather than relying on petroleum-based fertilizers and pesticides. Natural weed control, pest management and disease control are emphasized in the ideal garden environment. We should also be aware of how many natural resources we consume in the production of our organic crop.

Organic Gardening Is The Absence Of These Items:
    The absence of inorganic fertilizer
    The absence of herbicides
    the absence of insecticides
    the absence of vast amounts of water
    the absence of chemicals when we eat our crop
Site Selection and Site Preparation:

First, we will deal with Site Selection and Site Preparation for your organic garden. We will discuss what to look for and what not to look for in an ideal garden site. If you do not have an ideal site, we can amend the soil to turn it into the ideal sustainable garden. I will also give you suggestions as to what garden tools you should have on hand for your new garden.

Learn how to rid your garden of weeds and why you should avoid certain areas on your property. Also, we will review how to mark out your garden and get you on your way to producing a thriving bountiful organic garden.

Garden Design:

Garden Design will explore the possibilities and expand the limits of your organic garden with these great tips on garden design.

We will give you tips on integrating your vegetable garden into your landscape plan, including herbs, perennials, and evergreen suggestions.

Also we will give tips on varying the static nature of a garden by giving it some pizzazz and making it a genuine landscape element and not something you want to hide in a corner someplace.

Here's Some Great Sources For Bare Root Plants:

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Soil Management

Soil Management will deal with soil conditions and what changes you should make to your soil to achieve the best-producing crops. PH is the word here and we will explain how to measure, raise and lower your PH levels - all naturally of coarse.

We will also address the usage of organic fertilizers and their use in the garden. I will include extensive tables of the available Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium levels of such things as dried blood, bone meal, fish meal, wood ashes and many more.

Organic Fertilizers:

Organic Fertilizers play a very important role in the eco-friendly garden. We will cover a lot of available natural or organic fertilizers. Also we will give you insight as to where and how to use these and where to obtain the best organic fertilizers.

Organic Pest Control:

Organic Pest Control will discuss the major pests that you will encounter in your eco-friendly garden. We will list which environmentally safe products you should use and which ones have the least impact on your organic garden.

We will also talk about critters and how to rid your garden of them as well. We all know that most of them are cute and fuzzy, by they have an incredible destructive force in our garden areas. We will give you ideas and methods to respell them naturally from your garden areas.


Learn which Irrigation systems are the best for your garden. Also we will review many water-saving tips for you to be environmentally responsible in your water usage. There are already several parts of the country where water is either being rationed or the water is very expensive so we should be pro-active in reducing our water usage.

Gardening Tools

Tools For The  Garden

Gardening Tools And Materials:

In this section we will give you insight as to the proper Tools and Materials you should obtain for your Eco-Friendly Garden. We also will give you access to these materials through our OnLine Store and various other links.


Learn all about Mulching and the benefits you receive from it. We will reveal sources, how you can produce your own and how to extend the life of mulch.

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