Organic Hair Care

Organic Hair Care - Natural hair care products, natural hair products.

Organic Hair Care

Organic Hair Care | Natural Hair Product tips on greening your hair care with these great natural hair care products.

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If you're wondering what organic hair-care is or why you should consider using it, you've come to the right place.

First, it's important to know that the cosmetic industry in the United States is largely unregulated. What that means is that the chemicals that are used in personal care products are most likely not tested for safety.

Unlike traditional hair care products, organic hair care products don't use any synthetic chemicals - which are known for their toxic effect.

Sadly, some of the chemicals that are used in traditional hair care products have been linked to cancer, arthritis, and liver & kidney damage.

It's important to pay attention to the products that you are putting in your hair since our bodies have the ability to absorb chemicals and then pass them to the insides of our bodies.

Choosing Organic Hair Care Products

Remember, the personal care product industry is not regulated by any agency which means that there are products on the market that are advertised as "green" or "organic" that may not be green or organic at all! To get a list of products that have been certified as safe, visit Skin Deep, a website that rates organic personal care products.

Parabens: These are used to inhibit bacterial growth in products. However, they act like estrogen in a human body and have been linked to the development of breast cancer.

Propylene Glycol: A form of mineral oil, this is also used in items like brake fluid and antifreeze. It's supposed to help keep moisture in your hair and make it feel silky. However, it's been shown to cause liver and kidney damage in animals.

Lauramide: This is used to help shampoo become foamy during the washing process. They easily make it through your skin and when they combine with Sodium Laurel Sulfate, they create a powerful carcinogen.

Sodium Laurel Sulfate: Another ingredient used to make shampoo foamy; this ingredient has been linked to cancers, and the disruption of hormone and nervous systems.

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The Best Organic Hair Care Products

If you've read all this and have no clue what to buy, don't feel bad. Understanding a bunch of ingredients with names that are hard to pronounce is practically impossible for anyone who isn't a scientist. Here are a few of the very best brands of natural shampoo to help get you started:

Burt's Bees: Famous for making lots of eco friendly products, and organic hair care Burt's Bees also has a line of shampoo that's both healthy and easy on the environment. What we like best about Burt's Bees is that their products are reasonably priced and they are a company with a long reputation of being environmentally sensitive. I use their products frequently on my entire family and have always been pleased with both the quality and the price.

Nurture My Body: One of the more expensive options, this natural shampoo is salon quality. You'll pay about $22 for 8.5 ounces, but you'll wash your hair knowing that you are using a safe product.

Aubrey Organics: Another moderately priced organic hair care shampoo, the Chamomile Herbal Shampoo has a wonderful scent and is good for both you and the environment. It's biodegradable, which means that it's safe to use with a gray water system. We've used this shampoo as well and have been extremely pleased with how well it works.

Free & Clear: This is a wonderful organic hair care option for anyone with sensitive skin. It contains no dyes or fragrances, and is also free of many of the most harmful chemicals. Priced at about $8.00 for eight ounces, it's moderately priced in the world of eco friendly shampoo.

Other Ways to Green Your Hair Care Routine
    Being green isn't just about choosing organic hair care products. Green is a journey towards creating less waste and using our resources wisely and effectively. Here's a few more things to think about as you work on green hair care:
    Consider how often you're washing your hair. If you wash and condition daily, it may be too much. Ask your stylist for her opinion. Washing your hair less uses less water and hair product, and may even be better for your locks.
    Compost your cut hair. It takes a bit longer to decompose, but hair can be composted.
    If you are getting long hair cut, consider donating it to Locks of Love , an organization that provides hair pieces to children in the United States who have lost their hair due to cancer or other medical conditions.
    Go natural! Not only is staying away from all those styling devices better for your hair, it saves energy too.