Organic Lawn Care

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Organic Lawn Care

Follow these easy to implement tips to make your yard more eco-friendly by using less natural resources and maintenance products.

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Organic Lawn Care Tip #1: Keep Your Lawn Mowing To A Minimum.

Keey Your Mowing To A Minimum
Organic Lawn Care - Design Sweeping Curves

I don't know about you, but the fun of getting out and mowing your yard that first few times in the spring wears off pretty quickly and the enthusiasm that the kids have to help wears off even quicker.

Therefore, the easy-mow lawn is a plan you may want to implement. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

If you plan on re-designing your lawn, design it in such a way so there is little or no grass trimming at any beds, structures etc..

Also, design sweeping curves that allow you to mow without stopping and minimizing your turning. Don't laugh now because it really works. I have 25,000 square feet of manicured lawn and I can cut it in 23 minutes.

Even a smaller yard can consume a LOT of time if you need to do a lot of trimming, so keep it easy and eliminate all of your grass trimming tasks by installing these easy-care lawn and planting bed borders.

Organic Lawn Care Tip #2: Use An Electric Lawn Mower For Smaller Lawns

Have a small lawn? Consider this great eco friendly electric mower and minimize noise, and your carbon footprint. Check out the Neuton Electric Mower. Also check out our Neuton Electric Mower Product Review.

I used to have a 54 inch mower deck but that is even the more reason to minimize square corners, tight turns and trimming up against buildings, beds etc. Another side benefit? I use a lot less gas, not to mention the time and energy spent by me. Heck, I'd rather play golf, go fishing, walk or ride my bike than spend 2 hours on my lawn. Thing is - my lawn looks fabulous!

How to change your square lawn into this sweeping organic lawn of beauty, with lots of curves, beds and landscaping? That is something we will discuss in the landscape bed design. We will cover installation of a bed in an existing lawn area and all the steps necessary to do it.

So now we know we have to have lots of curves and no square corners. What about the trees in the lawn and structures? Whether it's a single tree, or multiple trees close together, place a landscape bed around the tree(s), being careful of the radius so you can follow the bed and allow a slight overhang, of the mower deck over the bed to eliminate trimming.

Utilize the same design method with structures, including your home foundation. Place beds surrounding your home in a sweeping and rolling pattern so you can easily mow and trim at the same time.

Even if you have square or staight-running borders, design them is such a way that the mower deck can easily overhang them and eliminate trimming.

Keey Your Mowing To A Minimum
Organic Lawn Care - Straight Cut Border
Organic Lawn Care Tip #3 - To Edge or Not to Edge.

Should you have a lawn edge that separates your lawn area from your landscape beds? That is a personal preference. There are many options available from the Black Diamond flexible plastic edging to aluminum sheets, poured concrete wood, and pavers.

My personal favorite is just to provide a natural edge for your turf edge. This gives a great appearance, is very easy to maintain, and is the least expensive route for you to go.

All you need are a few basic materials and tools, which you are likely to already have, and you can easily edge a smaller yard in one day - or even in a morning if you have a helper.

The organic turf edge you see in this photo to the right took me about an hour to complete and that included going through a lot of roots at the big oak tree at the far side of the edge.

Anyway, a nice clean edge on your border will make even a poorly designed bed look incredible. So give it a try. I will be following-up with an article on exactly how you can achieve a professionally done hand spaded border for your yard, so watch for that shortly.

Troy Bilt Tiller
Organic Lawn Care - Rototilling a Border
Organic Lawn Care Tip #4: Use A Rototiller As A Lawn Edger

When I had my large lawn, I didn't use an edge at all. What I did is use a small rear-tine Troy-Bilt Roto-Tiller and till around the entire lawn edge. When I was done, it gave the lawn a very nice crisp look because the Troy-Bilt cuts the turf almost like a knife and the resulting tilled "path" consists of dark, fluffy-looking soil that is nicely contrasted with the emerald lawn and mulched planting beds.

I treated the border about 4 times a year and it only takes me about 1/2 hour each time.

Another option you have is to use the rototiller as outlined above to cut a nice clean edge for your borders and then hand shovel a flat spot in front of the cut edge - about 12" is good, and then install the landscape mulch of your choice.

Keep the mulch surface down about 1" from the turf surface and you will have an edge that will last the entire growing season with very little maintenance.