Organic Makeup

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Organic MakeUp

Make the move to organic makeup for your improved health and they will make you feel better as well.

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As a woman, I love to take care of myself and look as good as I can and I'm sure you do too! That's why I've made the move to all organic makeup.

Hopefully after reading this article, you will decide to make the move to organic products as well. They aren't just good for the environment, they are good for you too! Plus they feel and look better.

What's Wrong With Traditional Makeup?

It's not a well-known fact but the healthy and beauty industry is not required to report to any governing agency. The Food and Drug Administration classifies the industry but they do not regulate them. With the exception of a very few barred

ingredients, manufacturers of these products can put pretty much anything they want in your beauty products, including lotions, hair care products, body and face wash, make-up and more.

Unfortunately, many manufacturers have been using unsafe ingredients for years. Way back in 1998, an article that was published in the "U.S. News and World Report" stated, "We look good, we smell good, and we have just exposed ourselves to 200 different chemicals a day, through personal care products."

That's pretty amazing when you consider that the green movement hadn't even begun back then. Thankfully it has now and there are plenty of safer organic makeup available.

If you take the time to read the labels on many of your personal care products, you will find ingredients that are now known to be harmful or are potentially harmful.

For example, talc, which is the major ingredient in baby powder is known to cause acute or chronic lung disease and contributes to ovarian cancer. And we've been using this on our babies bottoms for years!

For more information about many of the harmful chemicals found in traditional beauty products, you can visit this article 12 Beauty Products.

What Makes Organic Makeup Different?

Organic products are made without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and genetically modified organisms. On top of that, they don't use and harmful additives, fillers, or artificial chemicals. The bottom line is that products that are truly organic are made from all-natural products.

What you may not realize is that what you put on your skin eventually ends up in your body. Think about how you sweat when you work out or run.

Your body allows sweat and toxins to leave your body via sweat, but that means it also allows toxins into your body. When you use organic makeup you can be sure that those harmful ingredients won't make their way into your body.

Not only are organic products better for you and your family, they also protect the environment and the people who work in the plants that manufacture the products you eventually use.

On top of all that, I'm willing to bet that you will find that you like using these products more, look better, and experience less skin issues. I have always had sensitive skin, and have found that organic makeup have almost completely gotten rid of my break outs and other skin issues.

Where to Find Organic Makeup

You may be worried that organic makeup will cost more or that you can't afford them. That simply isn't the case. While they may be a little more expensive than Cover Girl cosmetics or Suave shampoo, you can find truly organic products that won't break the bank.

This company offers lots of great natural options and their prices are fair. They even encourage eco friendliness by sending make up in bags and allowing you to refill your own jars. They have a full line of make up, ranging from foundation to lipstick, and blush to eye shadow.

Here's just a partial list of some great companies that are creating all kinds of organic beauty alternatives:

Physicians Formula: One of my favorite cosmetic companies, this company is extremely eco-friendly and makes great products at a fair price too. Their 100% Natural Origin MakeUp line contains 100% certified organic ingredients. They also use eco-friendly packaging in both their make-up holders and product packaging. Their prices are comparable to L'oreal or Almay but they are so much better! Visit Physicians Formula for some great organic products.

Juice Beauty: This company manufactures cleaners, peels, and acne products that really work and are completely organic. Their prices are comparable to Noxema or lots of other mid-range products on the market today. Visit Juice Beauty to see the virtues of all of their products today!