Organic Paint

Organic Paint - try natural paint, low VOC paint or zero VOC paint.

Organic Paint

 Organic paint is the most eco friendly option on the market. Learn what's available, how it's made, and what you can use it for

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If VOC's aren't your thing and you'd like to use organic based paint, you've come to the right place. We'll explain all the options that are available to you today. We'll also explain what each option is good for so you can decide if it's right for you.

What Are These Paints Made From

First, it's important to note that a paint can only be truly organic if it's made from natural ingredients. These ingredients can include things like water, plant oils and dyes, minerals like chalk and clay, essential oils, mineral dyes, etc.

Real Milk Paint - Natural Paint

Real Milk Paint - Organic Paint

Real Milk Paint

This organic paint is made from 100% organic materials. It's made with milk protein, lime, clay, and earth. It can be used on raw wood, plaster, dry wall, stone, brick, and concrete. It comes in a decent variety of colors that can be mixed further to create additional colors that will suit your taste.

If you use Real Milk organic paint, you might be a little bit surprised when you receive it because it doesn't come in a can like you are probably used to. Instead you'll receive a box of powder that you'll have to mix with water to make the paint.

While Real Milk Paint can be used successfully for about any application, it works best for people who are looking for an "old world" type finish.

This paint costs between $46.00 for enough mix to make a gallon of paint.

Auro Paint - Natural Paint

Aura Paint - Organic Paint

Aura Paint

This organic paint is made from lime. While the paint is available in a wide variety of colors, Aura doesn't use any synthetic materials and only offer colors that can be mixed with mineral or vegetable pigments.

These lime paints can be used for indoor and outdoor applications. One of the wonderful things about lime paint is that it can be applied in a number of different ways, depending on the end look that you'd like to achieve. It's quite often used in faux finishes and other textured painting techniques.

It is a bit on the expensive side and costs about $65 per gallon.

Bioshield Paint

Bioshield Paint Organic Paine

BioShield Paint

BioShield offers a wide variety of organic paints, including milk paint, solvent-free paint, color washes, clay paint, and kinder paint. Because their products are all natural, each type of paint is available in limited pallet of colors.

That said, you don't have to give up style to be environmentally friendly. Visit their website and you'll likely find a color and paint type that's right for you. They'll also send you a free catalog at your request. The prices vary widely based on the type of paint you choose.

Green Planet Paint

These paints are available in flat and eggshell only. Green Planet's paints are all mineral and clay based and are available in 48 different colors.

Their paints can be ordered directly from their website, and start at $55 a gallon.

Green Planet Paint - Natural Paint

Green Planet Paint - Organic Paint

If you are looking to really go green, choosing an organic paint might be the perfect option for you. Many people don't know that these natural paints even exist, and those who do, often think that they are only available in earth tones.

While there are some great earthy tones available, we hope you see that there's a lot more to organic paints than meets the eye!

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