Passive Home Lighting

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Passive Home Lighting

Heat and light your home passively to capture some free green energy. Consider skylights, solar tubes, clerestory window, energy efficient windows and a lot more.

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Passive Home Lighting:

Our eyes are often referred to as the windows to our soul. That being said, I believe that the windows in our home are the eyes of the home.

They allow us to enjoy beautiful views and they may accentuate the reason we bought our property. They bring us cooling breezes and much needed fresh air, especially after a cold harsh winter.

They keep out winter winds and freezing temperatures and allow us to still have a view to the exterior. And lastly they bring in welcome natural lighting into our living spaces and if designed correctly, they can help heat our homes as well.

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Passive Home Lighting

In this section of the site, I will be summarizing each passive home lighting system with just a short paragraph or two to get you thinking about glass for your home.

Each of these items will be covered more thoroughly in articles dedicated to that particular element. We will also have green product reviews of selected element and buying recommendations for you to consider.

Passive Home Lighting - The Elements:

Solariums: Also known as a sun room, greenhouse, conservatory or 4 seasons room. This could be a dedicated room that you choose to open to the remainder of the home during sunny days only, and close off form the home during the evening and cloudy days.

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If used in a cold weather state, this type of room should be easily devisable from the remainder of the home.

When designing your home, this can be one of the most endearing elements and one that you will appreciate the most - if designed properly.

Solariums come in several different configurations and we have a section devoted to each system. In the prefabricated or prepackaged venue there are:
Solarium - Wood Based Units,
Solarium - Aluminum Based Units,
Solarium - Vinyl Based Units.

Additionally you can choose to custom build your own Solarium to fit your exact desires and needs. There are several version for these too,

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Passive Home Lighting - Solariums

Skylights: Skylights come in several different varieties as well. They can be a pre-manufactured unit or custom built unit. Also some of the varieties can be operable and they are often referred to as a roof window.

Skylights or Roof Windows can bring about 4 times more light into a room than standard wall mounted glass. Take advantage of this for rooms that are difficult to locate exterior glass.

They can also cause leakage problems, rotting, mold issues and severe sun damage if not installed properly and positioned properly.

We will give you lots of information on Roof Skylights, Roof Windows and Skylight Installation. Also, when considering sun controlling accessories such as Skylight Blinds and Skylight Shades, look here for that information as well.

Photovoltaic Panels

Passive Home Lighting - Skylights

Light Tubes: Also called solar tubes and sun tubes. As with the skylights these devices are much smaller and localized light source.

They are tremendously efficient and well engineered to bring light into the central or dark areas of the home. Great for a utility room, bathroom, library, office and other hard to light rooms.

An great advantage of Light Tubes is that they can be installed in an existing home with little or no structural modifications.

Go to our page on Solar Tube Skylights for more information.

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Passive Home Lighting - Light Shelves

Light Shelves: Light shelves really are an adjunct to clerestory and or wall mounted windows.

Light Shelves take sunlight and reflect it into the interior spaces. in other words the sunlight reaches the light shelf, bounces off the surface and is reflected into the interior of the space.

When designing Light Shelves, keep these facts in mind: The distance the light shelf projects outward to provide shading to glass that may be located below the shelf.

Place a light-colored surface on the top of the light shelf to provide maximum reflectability.

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Passive Home Lighting - Clerestory Windows

Clerestory Windows: In my estimation, clerestory windows are not used nearly enough in residential home construction.

Clearstory window provide one of the best and easiest methods of bringing light and air into the core areas of the home, filling all spaces with a tremendous amount of natural lighting.

Clerestory Windows also give us the unique opportunity to introduce natural air-conditioning to our homes by taking advantage of one of the laws of physics - 'hot air rises'

Clerestory Windows are windows that are placed high on the wall, often in a cathedral ceiling area a high-ceiling area or a two or more story room

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Passive Home Lighting - Home Windows

Home Windows: How could we do a section of passive home lighting without consideration of the window we place in our homes.

There are so many choices to pick from, considering different glass types, performance factors, claddings, options etc.

We will go through these different options with you to guide you in the selection process, whether it is for new home construction or window replacements, you will find the information here.

Passive Lighting Location Analysis: Note that exterior windows placed correctly will greatly enhance your natural ventilation within each occupied space and reduce the amount of air-conditioning (if any) that is required.

For instance, if you place a bank on operable windows beneath a large overhang or porch or covered patio, the air will have a chance to cool down slightly before it enters through the window.

To enhance this effect, place landscaping or light colored materials in the direction of the predominant wind to further give the air cooling effects.

Energy Tax Credits: Last and certainly not least, consider the tax implications of window installation in your home or many other solar energy add-ons to maximum the amount of credit you can get from the Federal and State levels.

We will give you lots of information here about what is available, expiration of credits, what forms to fill out and a lot more.

Go to the page Energy Tax Credits for more information.