Patio Paver Maintenance

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Patio Paver Maintenance

Find out what it takes to maintain your pavers for outdoor patios, drives, walks and pathways.

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Patio pavers are used during the construction of outdoor living areas, mostly for the purpose of creating a beautiful, inviting area in which to enjoy the outdoors and to entertain.

Pation Paver Maintenance - Prevent Weed Buildups

Patio Paver Maintenance - Weed Prevention

Overview of Patio Pavers:

Patio pavers come in a wide range of shapes, patterns, colors, and finishes which allows for ultimate flexibility in both design and installation. There are three main materials that are used to construct a patio paver. These materials include concrete, brick, and stone.

Depending on the type of patio paver that you have chosen to use, only a small amount of maintenance is typically required. The bottom line is that different types of pavers will require a different level of maintenance.

For example, some pavers are more prone to experience fading of color and some require removal of dirt and grime. Keep reading to learn how to maintain your particular type of patio paver.

Clay Brick Paver Maintenance

Patio Paver Maintenance - Clay Brick Pavers

Patio Paver Maintenance - Clay Brick Pavers:

Clay brick pavers typically come with an irregular surface and this makes them more prone to cracking and chipping. If one of your pavers becomes damaged, the best course of action is to simply replace the broken paver. Check your clay patio pavers often for cracked or damaged pavers.

In order to maintain a healthy surface on clay pavers, you'll want to apply a new finish every few years. You can choose from honed, flamed, or polished finishes. It's also wise to use specially-made cleaning products to keep your clay pavers looking fresh and new.

Patio Paver Maintenance - Concrete Pavers

Patio Paver Maintenance - Concrete Pavers

Patio Paver Maintenance - Concrete Pavers:

One of the main advantages to concrete pavers is that they are extremely easy to replace.

If a concrete paver becomes stained or broken, the easiest thin to do is to simply remove the paver and replace it with a new one.

The major issue with concrete pavers is that they will often get weeds in between the joints. In order to avoid the issue of weeds, it's wise to use a sealant or pesticide on a regular basis.

Sealing your concrete patio pavers will also make them more comfortable to walk on.

Patio Paver Maintenance - Wash Pavers at Regular Intervals

Patio Paver Maintenance - Wash Your Pavers At Regular Intervals

Patio Paver Maintenance - Maintenance Tips For All Pavers:

No matter what type of patio paver you are using, it's smart to sweep or hose your patio off on a regular basis. In addition, it's a good idea to se a high-pressure washer at least once a year to really remove dirt and grime.

It's also a wise idea to seal pavers as soon as they have been installed and again every 2 or 3 years after installation.

Sealer is important because it will help you to maintain both the color and the look of your pavers. Additionally, stains will be much easier to remove if your pavers have been properly sealed.

Remember, a little bit of maintenance goes a long ways. If you take the time to take care of your patio pavers, you'll enjoy them for years to come!