Paver Designs

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Paver Designs

Paver Designs | Pavers give a lot of design versatility to the homeowner to bring unique and beautiful design elements to the landscape.

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Patio pavers are a wonderful choice for use anywhere around the outside of your home. Not only are they safe and versatile, there are a broad range of colors, patterns, and materials that can be chosen from.

Paver Designs - Zig-Zag Shapes

Paver Designs - ZigZag Pattern

Benefits of Using Pavers:

If you're considering pavers for your patio, you'll want to understand some of the major benefits of using pavers:

There are many paver designs available.

They make outside entertaining areas more attractive

Patio pavers are easy to install

Many materials are available, allowing you total versatility in paver designs.

Paver Designs - Combination Shapes

Paver Designs - Combination of Shapes

Paver Designs - Common Shapes Available:

There are many different shapes and paver designs available for you to choose from when you decide to use patio pavers outside your home.

Most typically, simple shapes like:

    Oblong pavers are used for patio paving.

Some other common paver designs include:

    Half circles
    Irregularly shaped pavers.
Paver Designs - Radial Shapes

Paver Designs - Radial Paver Layout

Paver Designs - Natural Stone Shapes:

If you choose to use natural stones for your patio paver designs, chances are that they will come in their own unique shapes.

If you choose natural stone, you'll find that selections are not as broad as man-made materials - like concrete or brick.


Because concrete can be made into any shape, size, color, or pattern - it's a great choice as a paver design.

In fact, if you can't find the exact shape and size that you want, you can even have concrete pavers custom made.

Paver Designs - Irregular Shapes

Paver Designs - Irregular Shapes

Paver Designs - Irregular Shapes:

Many people choose to use irregular shapes for their patio paver designs.

Irregular shapes can be made from a variety of materials, including broken stones, river rock, ocean rocks, and even broken pavers.

Paver Designs - Fan Shapes

Paver Designs - Fan Patterns

Paver Designs - Combination of Shapes:

Another major benefit of patio pavers is that many combinations of shapes can be used.

As an example, if you choose to use rectangles, the end result can be boring and mundane.

However, different shapes such as triangles or diamonds can be added to break up the uniform look.