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Rain Sensors - Product Review

If you are interested in conserving vast amounts of fresh water, installed one of these smart, easy to install rain sensors.

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If you are interested in saving vast amounts of our precious water, you should look into the water-saving abilities of a rain sensor for your automatic irrigation controller.

I would place a rain sensor at about my #3 priority for saving water. Now on the face of it that does not seem that high, but if you consider #1 as being the automatic irrigation controller and #2 being water efficient irrigation systems such as drip irrigation, it makes perfect sense.

Features of the Toro Rain Sensor:

Water conservation device that meets legislative standards in states/municipalities with mandates

Wireless, features 300-feet range

Works by absorbing rainwater and then responds by interrupting power to the valves No changes to the timer programming are made

For new or replacement installations

Works with most irrigation timers

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Rain Sensors - How They Work:

If you have purchased an automatic irrigation controller sometime in the last several years, there is a very good chance that one of these 3rd party sensors will integrate into your system.

The rain sensors do not change the timer function on your existing controller. They only interrupt the signal to the valves, thus shutting down the system.

The rain sensor works by absorbing rainwater and then responds by interrupting power to the valves. The rain sensor will then gradually dry out, as does the soil, allowing sprinklers to run as scheduled.

For existing irrigation systems, I prefer using the wireless models. They will give you up to 300' of distance (that is line of sight, so there has to be a clear signal between the controller and the sensor).

I have found this distance to be somewhat less with trees, shrubs, and the controller located in the garage or basement, reducing the effective line of sight distance.

Rain Sensors - The More Advanced Sensors:

Some of the more advanced units like the Rainbird WR2 and the Hunter Wireless Rain Click, feature LCD screens with features that are available at the push of a button. These units are really easy to set up, especially for the one man setup operation.

They also offer more advaced features like weather reporting, multiple controller support, multiple rain set points, giving you much more flexibility, dual antennas an a lot more...

Rainbird WR2 LCD Rain Sensor:

LCD screen to see signal strength, set points, etc. at a glance

Signal strength indictators on sensor and LCD screen

Versatile mounting bracket that easily attaches to walls, fences or gutters

Pair one sensor up to four controllers

Six rainfall set points

Quick shut-off suspends irrigation immediately

Dual built-in antennas and a lot more features

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Rain Sensors - How They Work:

Wireless Models: The wirless models are very easy to setup. The sensor consists of a sender unit (this is the sensor itself) and a receiver unit (this receives the signal from the sensor and passes this communication on to the irrigation controller.

The sensor is weatherproof (that makes sense), and can be easily cliped onto a rain gutter with the handy enclosed clipping device.

The received can be mounted either indoors or outdoors as it is also weatherproof.

There will be status LED's, signal strength LED's and battery level LED's giving you great feedback as to the prime location of the sensor and the life of the battery.

Usually the batteries installed in these units are rated for a 5-year life, so you can let the sonsor do its work for a half a decade without the need for any maintenance.

Once installed, tie the receiver into the controller using the simple enclosed instructions, set the rain sensitivity for your particular location (this is usually somewhere between 1/4" to 1" of rain), which will shut off the irrigation system, and you are ready to save a LOT of water.

Hunter Wireless Rain Click Rain Sensor:

Hassle-free, wire-free easy installation

Hunter unique Quick Response feature

Modular mounting options; gutter or wall mounts

Set a maximum dry-out period

Operates up to 300' from the receiver unit

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