Recycled Glass Countertops

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Recycled Glass Countertops

Looking for green counters? Don't overlook the possibility of recycled glass countertops. They are a great-looking option

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Because glass does not break down and is not an item that you can recycle easily, recycled glass countertops are a great way to make your kitchen beautiful while also putting old glass to use.

If you are considering this great option for your kitchen, read on, we'll teach you everything you need to know about these great counters.

Recycled Glass Countertops

Recycled-Glass Countertops

Why They Are Green

Most importantly, recycled-glass countertops take glass that would not be able to be used for any other purpose and give them new life. The process required to prepare the glass to be placed into the actual mold is eco friendly as well.

Because concrete is used to hold the counters together, many of these counters also utilize something called fly ash. Fly ash is a by product of the coal burning industry and other than being used in concrete production, there's really no other use for this material.

Last, harmful materials are not used in the production of these counters.

They Are Made From Recycled Glass Bottles

They Are Made From Recycled Glass Bottles

How Recycled Glass Countertops Are Made

Companies that make these eco friendly counters start by getting glass from a variety of sources. In most cases, it comes from recycling program - meaning if you recycle wine bottles, they may end up in a counter someday. They also use things like windows, dinnerware, stained glass, and more.

Once they have the glass it's broken into small pieces and then start to create the counters. The glass pieces are placed into a mold. Concrete is added to hold the counters together.

Because glass is used in the production of these counters, each one is different. The range of choices is huge and there is a likely a design choice to fit almost every taste and style. Bright and bold, or muted, these counters meet all tastes.

Bamboo Can Qualify For LEED Credits

Bamboo Can Qualify For LEED Credits

Many Recycled Glass Countertop Products Are Available For LEED Credits

MR 4: Recycled Content May Recycled Glass surfaces contain recycled content that ranges from 70% on average to 75% of the product by weight. Of the recycled content, generally 80-100% is pre-consumer waste, with the balance being post-consumer waste.

EQ 4: Low-Emitting Materials Many Recycled Glass surfaces contain no volatile organic compounds (VOC's) and thus emit no VOC's. We recommend that IceStone be used in conjunction with certain low-VOC or no-VOC sealants.

Check out our extensive sections on Green Home Design and LEED Home Design for additional information.

Glass Counters Available In Many Colors

Glass Counters Are Available In A Wide Range Of Colors

What Do They Cost?

Now that you know all the advantages of these great counters, you are likely wondering what they'll do to your remodeling budget. To install these counters in your kitchen, you'll need to have some cash. They are similar in price to granite - and cost about $55 - $80 per square foot, for the materials alone.

Most people will choose to have countertops professionally installed. Because counters need to be cut exact in order to fit properly and because they often require special cuts for the placement of sinks, it's wise to bring in a professional.

If you don't want to spend thousands of dollars replacing one that you've cut wrong, it's probably best to hire a professional.

Recycled Glass Counters

Recycled Glass Countertops  - An Eco-Friendly Option

Caring for Recycled Glass Countertops

Because recycled glass countertops are made primarily from glass, they are relatively easy to care for. They don't stain easily, and they are extremely durable. You don't have to worry about placing heat on these counters, however, it's probably wise not to leave hot items on them for prolonged periods of time as they are sealed.

Cleaning them is as easy as using soapy water and wiping them down. Just avoid harsh chemicals - they aren't needed and they put harmful chemicals into the air

Last, you may want to buff recycled glass countertops every once in awhile to really shine them up. While not required, it will keep them looking new and shiny. It's simple to do at home with a hand buffer.

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