Recycled Glass Tile

Recycled Glass Tile - an often overlooked eco friendly option.

Recycled Glass Tile

Recycled glass tile is great for those looking for eco friendly flooring options

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Recycled glass tile is another example of an eco friendly flooring option that you may want to consider if you re updating your floors.

It's not used as widely as some other "green" options, recycled glass can be a great choice - especially for small areas and places where you want a lot of color or visual appeal.

Recycled Glass Tile Floors

Recycled Glass Tile Floors

What Makes Recycled Glass Tile Eco Friendly?

Even with recycling on the rise, 70% of glass still typically ends up in landfills. Since glass never breaks down, that means that any alternative use of glass is a great thing.

Recycled glass tiles take glass from a number of different items and then turn them into tiles. How is it Made? Glass is first collected through recycling programs - so make sure you recycle your glass!

The manufacturers of glass tiles then melt down the glass in furnaces that are heated to temperatures over 2000 degrees.

Once the glass is molten, it's formed into tiles and is trimmed and ground to the final product that you see when you purchase recycled glass tile for your floors or a backsplash.

Glass is a relatively eco friendly product all by itself. It contains no VOC's or other chemicals and doesn't absorb any smoke or fumes either.

Recycled Glass Floor Tile

Recycled Glass Tile Floor

Much Does it Cost?

As is true with many flooring options, there's a wide range of pricing available when it comes to recycled class tile as well.

You can get some glass tiles as cheap as $6 or less per square foot. You are more likely to pay between $15 - $25. That makes recycled glass tile one of the more expensive options on the market.

It's a good thing that it's often used in small areas! Remember, the prices mentioned above are for the tile itself and do not include the cost of professional installation or the materials (like thin set) that you'll need to install it.

However, as we'll discuss below, you may be able to install this tile yourself, if you enjoy at home projects and have some experience with laying tile.

Glass Tile Comes In A Wide Array of Colors

Practice Sustainability

Installing Recycled Glass Tile Flooring

Installation can be done at home without the use of a professional by those who have experience or feel comfortable with laying regular tile.

Installing glass tile is almost the same as laying travertine or slate. However, it's important to take extra care with the thin-set when installing glass tiles because imperfections can be seen through the glass in many cases.

It's also important to note that glass tile is very breakable - which means that extra care should be taken when laying and cutting.

Glass tiles should only be cut with a wet tile saw and a ceramic tile blade should NOT be used. Instead, use a diamond electroplated glass tile blade. It will cost more than a typical blade, but will be well worth the money spent!

Recycled Glass

Recycled Glass

Caring for Glass Tile Flooring

Once your floor has been laid, you want to make sure to protect your investment and to take good care of it. The good news is that once it's installed, glass is actually very durable and can withstand quite a bit of abuse.

To care for for your tile, sweep and wet mop regularly. Sand and dirt can scratch the finish on your tile, so a quick sweep on a regular basis is important. When mopping, simply use a mild detergent and warm water.

Use a damp, not soaking wet mop, and follow with a dry mop or micro fiber cloth to dry your floor. Glass is non-porous, so you don't need to be too concerned about staining, but it's always a wise idea to take care of spills as soon as you see them.

Even though the glass itself isn't likely to stain - the grout in between your tiles WILL stain!

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