Recycling for Kids

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Recycling for Kids

Recycling For Kids is an incredible way to introduce your children to a green life style. Find out how to get your kids interested in green recycling.

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Recycling is an important part of living an eco friendly lifestyle.

Recycling for kids is important because the earlier you teach your children about doing it, the more likely they are to continue recycling for the rest of their lives.

It's a great habit and it's never too early to start.

Read on to learn some interesting recycling facts to share with your kids and to get ideas that will help you get your kids involved in recycling around your home.

Recycling for Kids - Get Them Involved

Recycling for Kids - Get Them Involved

Recycling for Kids - How to Get Your Kids Involved:

Education is key for kids and if yours are anything like mine, they like to know why they are being asked to do something before they want to help do it.

Teach them about the importance of recycling and they are more likely to help out with it around the house.

Have your kids get involved in recycling by making it their job to bring recyclable items out to your recycling bins.

Many families keep their bins in the garage. Kids can easily bring items out and put them in the correct containers. If you haven't yet created your home recycling center, get your kids involved right away by letting them help create, and even decorate, your recycling bins.

Many families use bins provided by the city, but if you don't, let your kids paint or draw on your bins so they can remember what items go where.

Recycling for Kids - Take Your Kids to a Recycling Center:

Take your children to a recycling center in your area so they can learn how the entire process works.

Lots of recycling centers will give tours and will provide educational information to children.

If you have items that you can recycle for cash in your area, encourage your children to help you collect them and then let them keep the money.

This is a great incentive, especially for younger children. You'll be surprised how quickly your kids will start noticing items that they can turn in for money all over the place. They'll be picking litter up before you know it!

Start out our littlest ones on the right foot and buy the Rokenbok R/C Dozer with Recycling Center.

Recycling For Kids

Recycling For Kids

Recycling for Kids - Have Them Start Recycling in Their Room:

Put a separate waste basket in their room for paper. Recycling for kids is a lot more likely to happen if it's easy for them to do.

My kids generate a ton of paper, between schoolwork and their constant art projects. They each have two waste baskets in their room and one of them is designated just for paper so that it can be recycled.

Bottom line, when it's easy, they will do it! Set a good example. This should go without saying, but kids do what they see us doing. If they see you throwing away things that could be recycled, they will do the same when they are in a hurry. Teach them by leading and they will become recyclers for life.

Recycling for Kids - Cool Recycling Toy:

Get your little ones interested in recycling for kids with this cool Recycling Truck by Playmobil. It comes with the truck, three bins, and two recycling truck employees. Kids will love learning about recycling while they play with this fun and educational toy.

Recycling Facts for Kids:

Here's a collection of interesting recycling facts for kids that will help your kids realize just how important it is to recycle as much as possible!

    Glass can be recycled again and again. It never wears out. That means if it's thrown away, it stays in a landfill FOREVER.
    Recycling just one glass bottle saves enough energy to light a 100-watt light bulb for four hours.
    In the United States alone, the amount of steel that is NOT recycled is enough to build all the new cars made in America.
    When a tree is cut down for paper, 75% of the tree is not used in any paper product.
    Only 25% of all plastic bottles used each year are recycled. Recycling for kids is important. Get your kids involved in recycling - they can make a difference!

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