Roof Windows

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Roof Windows

Add ventilation to your roof skylights and bring a lot more function to your roof windows.

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Roof Windows - Definitions:

Are you interested in leaving a smaller carbon footprint on the earth. If you are then you should make use of one of the abundant natural resources that is available to us - the Sun.

Roof Windows are almost exactly what the term sounds like they are windows, mounted on the roof. They have glazing, reminiscent of windows and they operate to allow warm air to escape and promote great ventilation in your home.

Velux Windows

Roof Windows - Act As Ventilators

Roof Windows - The Elements:

Roof Window Frame Materials:
Composite Wood Interior and Aluminum Exterior

Roof Window Glazing Materials:
Tempered Glass
Laminated Glass

Roof Window Applications:
Sloped Roofs
Flat Roofs

Curb-Mounted Skylights
Solarium Roofs

Living Room Roof Windows

Living Room Application

Roof Windows - Flashing Systems:

The typical systems that we will be talking about in this article have exactly the same flashing options as do their fixed version cousins.

The options are gang flashed units, low profile flashing, high profile flashing and curb mounted and flashed units. If you wish to learn more about these flashing options visit our article on Roof Skylights.

Chimney Effect Diagram

Roof Windows - Chimney Effect

Roof Windows - Chimney Effect:

Chimney Effect Ventilation: The most valuable asset of these windows is the ventilation that the units offer.

Also, they give us the opportunity to benefit from natural ventilation or natural air conditioning from the law of nature known as the chimney effect.

The chimney effect causes cool air to enter from lower operable windows and exit as warm air through higher clerestory windows roof windows or ventilators.

A key factor is to let as much warm air from the home escape through these upper ventilators, so the higher they can be placed within the room (closer to the peak or the high point of the ceiling slope if there is one), the more successful the ventilation will be.

These units are ideal for this design as they can be placed virtually anywhere on a roof area that is practical. Also any heat that most unwanted heat they generate through sun radiation is automatically ventilated back to the outdoors.

Another important design feature for successful chimney effect ventilation is the unobstructed pathway from the lower source ventilation to the higher source (roof window) ventilation.

Roof Windows - Tax Credits:

Energy Tax Credits: Skylights fall under the Federal Tax Credit with the following guidelines:

30% of the cost (not including installation/labor costs), up to $1,500 can be claimed.

You do not have to replace all the windows/doors/skylights in your home to qualify. And it doesn't need to be a replacement either - installing a new window where there wasn't one previously (like in an addition) would qualify.

From June 1, 2009 - December 31, 2010 windows (and doors and skylights) must have a U-factor and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) less than or equal to 0.30.

Go to the page Energy Tax Credits for more information.

Velux Cabrio Egress Units

Cabrio Balcony Window Option

Roof Windows - Accessories:

Being that the roof windows have the ventilation capabilities, there are several options that are available to the consumer.

Crank Open Option: The simplest and most care-free option (and lest expensive option), is the simple crank open option on the windows.

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The crank is located on the lower end of the unit for easier reaching. Also on window located out of reach, there is a telescoping crank rod available so you can easily crank open those roof window located in higher areas.

Remote Electrically Operation Option: This is a great feature that Velux offers. You simply press a button on the remote controller to open and shut the roof window.

You can program your windows to open and close at preset times and control entire groups of roof windows with one controller.

Also you can control your roof window blinds and shades with this same versatile controller

Cabrio Windows

Egress Window/Balcony Options

Using as Emergency Egress: The ultimate daylighting experience, the GDL CABRIO™ balcony roof window opens to create a roof balcony, transforming unused attics or above-garage bonus rooms into extraordinary living space that embraces the best of the outdoors.

Here are some of the Cabrio Window Features:

Window opens out to a small roof balcony.
The CABRIO is easy and quick to close – in case it rains.
Adds sophistication to your space with extra light and a stunning floor-to-ceiling view.
Lower section comes with safety glass to reduce the risk of injury.
Upper section has all the benefits of our standard GPL top-hung roof window.
Can be used as an emergency exit.
Natural pinewood with clear Top Finish.

Velux Remote Control

Remote Control Options

Roof Windows - Selecting Locations:

Since Roof Windows are a lot more versatile than fixed skylights, you open up a lot more areas in the home where you may want to introduce fresh air and ventilation options.

Any cathedral ceiling room is the perfect candidate for these units, located at the highest point available in the room. Make sure you have operable windows down low in the room to allow for the cool outdoor air to enter and cool and ventilate the room.

Rooms that develop water vapors or odors are great locations for these windows as well, such as the bathroom to minimize moisture buildup and the kitchen to help eliminate heat buildup and evacuation of cooking odors.

Roof Windows - What We Recommend:

Given all of the options that are available from Velux, that is our hands-down pick for operable roof windows. They have all kinds of options such as remote control, insect screen, blinds, shades and egress window options available.

Velux has great products, including composite wood and aluminum units, a great variety of manufactured flashing's and installation types and a great warranty.