Rototiller Troy Bilt

Rototiller Troy Bilt - Bronco rear tine 208cc rototiller with 14 inch cut.

Rototiller Troy Bilt Bronco - Product Review

Green product review of this great little tiller that can be used not only in the garden but as a lawn edger as well.

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Troy Bilt has been working for over 60 years with gardeners and experts alike to continually improve their products. This line of rototillers it truly top-of-the-line product and it shows in every detail.

Troy Bilt makes a wide range of rototillers from a very small cultivator to very large commercial-duty tillers. We singled out the Troy Bilt Bronco, which is a 208cc 16-blade rear-tile walk-behind tiller. The reason for this is that this rototiller can not only be used for small to medium sized gardening tasks, it can also be used as a lawn and landscape bed edger.

Product Description:
    1 Forward Speed - self powered.
    208cc Troy-Tilt OHV engine (4 cycle)
    10 inch diameter Bolo Tines - Counter rotating
    14 inch width of cut
    Adjustable depth to 6" maximum and 1" minimum
    Single-hand operation
    Optional bumper (I recommend this)
    10" AG tires
    Kill switch lever on handle
What we love about this rototiller:

We can't say enough good things about this rototiller. Green Living Made Easy has had this model for 20 years now and it is still going strong. Never had a service problem and it starts up on the second pull every time, even after sitting all winter.

This tiller is simply amazing. It's durable enough for those tough gardening jobs like tilling lawn sod after you have killed the grass or to loosen hard-packed earth.

We love the one hand walk-behind operation of this tiller. Actually after the soil has been loosened, you can operate it with just 2 fingers!

We will start by assessing the soil to be tilled. If it is hard soil or a lot of turf, go over the entire surface with a very shallow setting - say about 1 or 2 inches. Then with each subsequent pass, lower the cutting depth with the easy adjusting depth control.

Once you have reached the maximum depth, go over the area with an additional pass. By now the earth is all "fluffed-up" and ready for planting in the well-oxygenated soil.

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The single speed of this rototiller is plenty slow for any task and the only reason needed for a higher speed would be to lightly go over already tilled soil. Not really necessary.

Another duty that we have for this tiller is for edging around our entire lawn perimeter. Due to the narrow cut of 14", easy turning ability to follow all of those curves in the landscape and knife-cut on the sides of the trench, all lead to a very professional look around the yard.

The four-cycle operation means it's not necessary to deal with messy gas/oil mixtures and blue smoke when you get the oil mix too high or a seized up engine when there is not enough oil in the gas. The oil levels for both the crankcase and the transmission are easily measured, changed and topped-off.


One accessory that we would recommend purchasing is the front bumper. This model used to come standard with it, but we would recommend adding it for engine protection, especially in tight spots.


This rototiller will give you the best quality tilled surface of anything on the market, hands down. Combine that will very little or no maintenance and a joy to operate, leads us to a maximum 10 out of 10 star rating. It doesn't get any better than this.

We love that versatility of using this tiller both in the garden and for edging operation around the lawn and landscape border - and it gets used a LOT.

A few of our dislikes:

Our first dislike is very minor. We wish this model had a tine shield on the sides of the exposed sides, just as an added safety measure for domestic pets and children. Troy bilt addresses this with their larger models, but chose to eliminate it on this model.

Our second dislike is more with tillers in general and that is the kick-back issue. If you run into a large root or stone with the rear tines the tiller lurches forward and it carries you with it.

We will say however, that the Troy bilt tillers have minimized this problem, compared with other tillers that we have used over the years. It seems to be a problem that is inherent with tillers in general.

Troy bilt Bronco Rear tine Rototiller - Green Living Rating:

Overall, we give the Troy bilt Rototiller 10 out of 10 stars. It's a great green product, it's easy to use, and it works incredibly well.

We expect to see even more advancements in the production of the Troy bilt products in years to come, but right now, this is about as good as it gets! Definitely worth the money. We will have this tiller in our Store or you could purchase the Troy bilt Bronco OnLine.

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