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Scotts Lawn Care Program

An annual lawn care program that is designed to give you a healthy green turf based on your local climate and grass types.

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Scotts Lawn Care Program - An Annual Plan To Green Up Your Lawn!

Taking care of your lawn can be a very hit or miss affair and many people give up in frustration to aspiring to have that perfect green lawn. The 21st century presents us with many challenges with all the work, running around, chores and more.

As a result of this taking care of the lawn tends to be down the list of priorities for many homeowners, but Scotts has created a simple way for you to attain that great green lawn.

Welcome to the Scotts Annual Lawn Care Program:

Scotts, a leader in lawn care products for homeowners has created the Scotts Lawn Care Program for those of us who have the time or the where-with-all to attain a thick, green lawn.

In order to thrive, a lawn needs regular feeding at regular intervals. Not only will regular turf feedings produce a fine green and thick lawn, it will aid in the prevention of weed growth, heavy traffic damage and disease and insect resistance.

In order to get the lawn you will be proud of, the Scotts Lawn Care Program will direct you when to feed and what products you should feed your turf for optimal results.

The Scotts Annual Lawn Care Program - How It Works:

One wonders why it took so long for anyone to develop an easy-to-follow lawn care program.

The Simplicity of the Scotts Lawn Care Program;

If you wish to begin, simply go to the Scotts website. Just answer a few simple questions about the type of grass you have and your location in the country. If you are not quite sure what type of grass you are dealing with, Scotts will help you identify it. The Scotts Lawn Care Program will help you identify the products you need and when to apply them based on your location and grass type.

Let's look at a typical example: If you have a lawn type of rye/fescue/bluegrass type of lawn and live in the West Michigan area, the following plan will be chosen for you: (note that most northern climate lawns will have the same program). For warm-climate lawns, Scotts has slightly different products and schedules.

Step 1 - Late February through April: Apply Scotts Turf Builder with Halts Crabgrass Preventer. If you residents in the cold weather states have a long harsh winter, your grass will need some tender loving care to get growing again.

Crabgrass is one of the most invasive weeds and can quickly crown out a lawn if not swiftly dealt with. Applying Halts preventer first thing in the spring will lay down a good protective barrier that will kill the Crabgrass seed and keep it away all season long.

Step 2 - April through June: Apply Scotts Turf Builder with Plus 2 Weed Control. This application will give your turf another feeding of nutrients, helping it to build a strong, deep root structure. Also it will help with weed control, like dandelions.

Step 3 - June through August: This is the Midsummer application where you apply Scotts Turf Builder with SummerGuard. Your lawn needs nutrients the most during the hot, dry, dog-days of summer. SummerGuard will feed the lawn roods and strengthen the plants to guard against the high summer temperatures, drought conditions and guard against insect damage.

Step 4 - September through November: The fall application of fertilizer is often one that is skipped by many homeowners. Scotts recommends an application of Turf Builder Winterguard. Scotts Turf Builder with Winterguard gives your turf one final deep feeding for the end of the season. This application will protect the lawn during the winter months and provide additional root strength for a quicker greening up in the spring.

The Scotts Lawn Care Program also recommends a supplemental feeding of Scotts Turf Builder with 2% Iron.

If your lawn needs a bit of an extra charge during the growing season, this product can be applied between the regular feeding cycles.

Part of a 'Green' Lawn Care Routine the Scotts Annual Lawn Care Program

The millions of grass plants help to absorb C02 from the atmosphere and turn it into oxygen. Therefore a healthy green lawn has other attributes than just looking "green". Another attribute of a healthy green lawn is that it helps to lower temperatures around a home during the hot summer months.

During summer storms, a health lawn helps to filter and divert stormwater away from treatment plants and helps to prevent flooding conditions. So the Scotts Lawn Care Program will aid you in attaining a healthy green lawn with a regular feeding program, adjustment of mower settings and mulching your grass clippings from your lawn mower.

Want to Go Phosphate-Free?

Excess phosphates that are introduced into turf areas with many fertilizers can run-off into streams and waterways where it is a major contributor to oxygen depletion and algae production. Scotts Lawn Care Products are all available in phosphate-free versions. Try to be even more eco-friendly and make use of these phosphate-free products.

Green Living Made Easy Recommendations:

Our recommendation for this product is to use this program for a full year - and use the phosphate-free versions of the applications. After you have your turf cleared of lawn weeds, crabgrass and it is growing health and strong, stop the program. Let the turf over-winter and start in the spring with applications a purely organic lawn fertilizer such as Milorganite,