Smart Faucet

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Smart Faucet

Not only will you conserve a LOT of water, you get germ-free operation and physically handicapped control with this cost-effective faucet retrofit.

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This Smart Faucet Device is a great little patented adapter that can help you conserve up to 80% of your water from you bathroom faucets, saving thousands of gallons of water, energy and wastewater treatment costs.

Most of us, when we wash or face or brush our teeth set the faucet to run, set the water temperature and leave the water running, letting all of the water run down the drain.

It's not because we are lazy or don't care, and we all know we can save water by turing off the faucet. Plain and simply it is a convenience issue.

Great For Small Children:

Do you have small children that have difficulty using a faucet, because they simply can't reach the faucet handles.

Or if your kids are like mine, they leave the faucet turned on or partially turned on? The Smart Faucet will solve this problem.

Inexpensive Alternative to P.H. Controls on Your Faucets:

Have an household member that has crippling arthritis or other physical disability that makes turning standard faucet controls nearly impossible?

Why spend the hundreds of dollars replacing your current faucets with P.H. rated faucets, when the Smart Faucet will do the same thing and give you green advantages as well? And guess what? No Plumbing Contractor required!

How the Smart Faucet Works:

The smart faucet is a device that replaces your current aerator on your existing faucet and gives you a simple on/off function, right at hand washing position.

The Smart Faucet allows you to set the water flow and temperature and leave the faucet set in that position until the next time you use it.

This is great for small children, the elderly and handicapped individuals.

Nearly Germ-Free Operation:

The Smart Faucet is very hygienic because you no longer need to touch the faucet handles once they are set, thus eliminating the spread of bacteria.

By using the back of your hand, you can turn the faucet on and off with a gentle backward motion.

The Smart Faucet handle is also manufactured with anti microbial properties, which provide additional prevention in the spread of bacteria.

Continuous Flow Option

There is also a handy continuous flow function that allows you to lock the lever in the open position for temperature settings and water filling operations.

Simply slide the continuous flow disk upward and lock the faucet into the open position.

Disengage the function by opening the lever and the disk slides back into its original "off" position.

The Smart Faucet, because it is a shut-off device in and of itself, will solve a leaky faucet problem, saving costly repairs.

A word of warning on this claim - a leaky faucet can cause major damage to cabinets, structure etc. and you should solve the source of the problem and not apply a Band-Aid to it.

This device can hold off a minor repair until you have the time and resources to actually fix the problem

How It Is Installed:

The Smart Faucet is Installed exactly as you would in upgrading your Faucet Aerator.

Save Ten With Angie's List!

Remove your old aerator with a rubber sheet that is used to open jar lids in the kitchen - these available in any hardware store. Or, you can purchase a Rubber Jar Opener Assortment here.

If the aerator is too tight, gently wrap the rubber sheet around the aerator and take an adjustable pliers and unscrew the aerator.

Unpack the Smart Faucet from the packing and hand screw the device in the place of the aerator and you are done. Just make sure the lever of the Smart Faucet is located behind the faucet spout.

My Discovery:

I was really convinced to put this device throughout my entire house the other day. I had been working on some articles on my computer and had the office door closed.

My 5-year-old daughter, who refuses to ask for help, decided to thoroughly wash her hands and left the water running.

For some reason the sink overflow could not handle the full force of the water quantity of the water coming from the faucet and I only realized this when I herd water splashing on the floor. What a mess!

I did my research and found the Smart Faucet product. I did thorough cross-checking and decided it was the product for me.

I installed all the Smart Faucet devices on (4) lavatory sinks in less than an hour. I am tickled with the performance of this device.

Not only does it give me confidence that my sinks are much less likely to overflow, but we are saving hundreds of gallons of fresh water each and every day and we can do this without even thinking about it. The Smart Faucet takes care of the saving for me.

How much does this cost?

The Smart Faucet provides a very cost effective solution to saving major amounts of water in the home.

For just $14.99 you can purchase a complete kit to do one faucet of either the black or white faucet.

The chrome Smart Faucet is $39.00 because it is completely made from metal and chrome plated.

Since we have a lot of chrome trim in our home, including the faucet trim, I went with the chrome option. I also liked the more sturdy qualities that the metal provides - just a personal preference.

Smart Faucet Chrome, Black or White

About The Company

Smart Faucet is sold by Being and is a company that is dedicated to water conservation and saving our natural resources.

Green Living Made Easy Rating?

This product gets our highest rating of 10 stars. It does everything as advertised, is completely eco-friendly and solve multiple problems associated with bathroom faucets., those being, conserving water, solving shut-off problems with kids, and provides access to people with a handicap.

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