Solar Water Heater

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Solar Water Heater - Product Review

Installing a self-contained solar water heating tank with a built-in heat exchanger and backup heating element is the way to go for your solar water heating needs.

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In a separate solar water heater system, a water storage tank with a built-in heat exchanger is necessary to heat your water and have it readily available for use.

You are able to use an existing tank, but you will need an additional circulation pump. a heat exchanger and untold headaches you will face, trying to retrofit the existing system.

Product Features

Capacity: 250 Liters = 66 Gallons

Single Built-in Heat Exchanger

Electric Backup Heating

Stainless Steel (inner), Galvanized Steel (outer)

Includes magnesium bar

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Solar Water Heater - Why We Like These Tanks:

We here at Green Living Made Easy, installed one of these self-contained water storage tanks with a back-up electrical coil and love the easy installation and maintenance-free use of the unit.

These tanks are available in a variety of sizes from 150 Liter, up to 500 Liters, which gives you flexibility for small to large family usage.

Going with a tank that is almost completely self-contained will save you a lot of piping hassles, extra pumps and most of all, energy loss as the high-efficency heat exchanger is already installed inside the tank and the tank is equipped with a back-up electric heating element.



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Solar Water Heater - Additional Specs:

It is best to go with a special solar water heating tank. with Inner tank material: Food Grade SUS 304-2B 1.5 mm thickness.

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Outer tank material: Galvanized Steel 0.6 mm thickness. Rock Wool insulation (Environmentally friendly, thickness as good as using polyurethane)

In Tank Heat exchangers are made of TU1 copper and thickness of 1mm, diameter is 12mm Magnesium bar installed for water purification

Heat exchanger port size: 1/2" Male NPT

Water Inlet/Outlet Ports: 3/4" Female NPT

Top Pressure Relief Valve Port: 3/4" Female NPT

Drain port: 3/4"" Female NPT (bottom of tank under feet for easy draining), drain valve included

Electric Heater: 1" Port with thermostat & electric heater included.

3/4" Exhaust Port for tank cleaning Pressure Relief Valve Included Includes mounting gear and screws for tank feet.