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Water Garden Features -Pond fountains, Outdoor water fountains, waterfall weirs etc.

Water Garden Features

Water Garden Features | Pond features and outdoor water fountain reviews and buying suggestions.

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Which water garden features you add to your pond in completely up to you. There are lots of features available including lighting, waterfalls, bubblers, fountains, etc.

You can decided to add many of these features at a later date or incorporate them when you initially install your pond. If you are installing a water garden now and think that you'll install features later, you should make provisions for the utility connections in your initial installation.

For instance, if you plan to install a pump/filtration system or a waterfall next season you should make sure you have adequate electrical capacity to serve these items. That means that sizing conduits and water sources will become very important during the actual construction of your pond.

Water Gardens

Water Garden Features

On a side note, if you will be bringing electrical circuits to your pond make sure you meet all the requirements of the NEC (National Electrical Code) and all provisions of your local municipality.

The easiest way to meet these requirements is to hire a licensed electrician to make sure that all the electrical runs and hookups for you to make sure they are properly grounded and encased in conduits.

Also if your pond is some distance away from your home or garage and the main electrical panel, you will want to consider the installation of a branch panel near the pond to service the pond's electrical items. Now that we've gotten through some of the electrical and planning considerations, let's talk about how to choose a circulation pump to meet the needs of your water garden features.

Choosing Your Main Pond Circulation Pump:

This is one of the most critical decision that you can make in the design/selection process for the health of your pond. This pump can serve as the main source to change the water every hour, run the water through a filtration system and service a water feature, such as a waterfall.

Don't try to save money of this pump and buy a cut-rate model. Make sure it is rated to do the job and is large enough. There are some energy-conserving pumps you will want to take a look at that have come on the market quite recently. These pumps are available in basically 2 configurations:

Water Garden Features - Submersible Pumps:

Submersible Pumps often sit on the bottom of your pond and intakes water directly through the pumping casing. You provide piping to the outlet, which leads to a waterfall, filter, or other device.

Many times if you have a complete pump system install for your pond, you will want a separate pump for the waterfall. There can be a two-fold reason for this. The first reason is that you want to control your waterfall at different times than your filter pump. The other reason is that it is quite likely your waterfall pump will be quite a bit smaller than your main pond pump.

Water Garden Features - Above Ground Pump:

These pumps are very much the same as a small swimming pool pump and cannot be submersed. It is best to have them in a remote space which is protected from the elements or in a catch basin with a cover. If your pond will be located near your house or garage, consider installing the pump in your garage or basement.

Water Garden Features - Filter Pumps

Pumps are sized based on the number of gallons per hour that they will pump. You should plan on completely changing your pond water at least once per hour.

So if you have 2,500 gallons of water in your pond, your pump size should be a 2,500 gph pump. Green Living Made Easy Recommendations:

Isolation ValveIf you are looking to start with a small water garden, this this 2,100 gallon Danner Submersible Pump is a great contender. (Small) Danner Pondmaster HY-Drive 2100 GPH Pond/Waterfall Pump


Isolation ValveFor those of you with bigger pond ideas, we really like this Aquascape Pro Submersible Pump for the larger watergarden. (Large) Aquascape Pro - 7500 GPH (Green) High Volume Water Garden Submersible Waterfall Pump

Isolation Valve

Considering an above the ground pump solution? We would recommend the Little Giant Pump for a small above ground solution. Above Ground Pump (Small) Little Giant Pump 1450Gph Waterfall/Stream Pump 566409

Isolation Valve

Another great pump that we like here at Green Living Made Easy for the larger pond and Above Ground Pump is this one by Out-Of-Ponds (Large) Out-of-Pond Pumps 1/4 HP 5820

Isolation Valve

Looking for an off-grid solution, we mean a really "green" pump solution? Then take a look at this Solar Pump. These are form vary small waterfalls or fountains and not meant for a large watergarden pond. Solar Pump Kit - 26 in head height

these pump recommendations plus a lot more at our online STORE.

Water Garden Features - Pond Skimmers:

Isolation Valve

Pond Skimmers that Green Living Made Easy Recommends the Atlantic Skimmer 6 inch Weir, PS4000Weir Size: 6", Pump range: 500 - 2500 gph Max pond area: 350 sq. ft.

Isolation Valve

Another one of our favorites is the Crystal Pond Professional Skimmer Kit Model PSK2for In-pond use only, Right or left overflow knockouts, 1.5 bulkhead included, Rigid leaf basket, brushes, foam filter included.

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Water Garden Features: Choosing Waterfall Materials:

After the initial installation of the water garden, a waterfall is one of the most dynamic water garden features you can add to your pond.

A waterfall brings a peaceful sound to your whole garden area and gives the added benefit of allowing you to filter water and aerate or oxygenate your pond's water, promoting the health of your fish and keeping down algae growth.

The waterfall usually consists of a submersible pump with piping either through a filtration system or directly to a waterfall reservoir.

The reservoir (or weir) is key in the success of your pond. It needs to be installed dead level and in such a manner to allow for a water-proof way for water to travel back to the pond level.

The path from the reservoir should be a portion of your pond liner, glued to the parent pond liner to provide a leak-proof path for the water to travel. The liner is then attached to the reservoir via a gasket and retainer system so it too is leak proof.

Form your liner to be dish-shaped and then you can populate it with stones, plants or whatever you desire. Keep in mind to get the greatest benefit from the sound of a waterfall, you need to design cavities into the pathway, within the stone decoration for the sound to echo back to you, much like nature does with waterfalls - there is often a cavity space behind the waterfall that amplifies the sound.

Water Garden Features: Waterfall Materials.

Submersible Pumps:

Isolation ValveDanner 02663 Proline HY Drive 1600GPH Waterfall Pump HY-Drive design combines the benefits of magnetic and direct drive technologies to deliver an extremely quiet, energy efficient, low maintenance pumping source, Specifically for use in larger pond installations,

Easy on the wattage, powerful enough to create a dynamic, attractive waterfall or drive a medium skimmer, Cycles 1,600 gallons per hour, can be positioned vertically or horizontally, is equally at home underwater as a submersible pump or as an inline, external pumping source, Whisper quiet operation.

Isolation ValveAquascape Pro - 3000 GPH (Yellow) High Volume Water Garden Submersible Waterfall Pump High Efficiently Air Cooled - No Oil Premium Water Garden Pump, 2-Year Warranty Flame Resistant Thermoplastic Polymer Motor End Cap, Glass Filled Thermoplastic Polymer Wet End CSA Listed, Double Mechanical Seal with Outboard Silicon Carbide Faces- Stainless Steel Housing

Waterfall Reservoir:

Isolation ValveSavio Waterfall Weir, Model# F050 16in. waterfall curtain, Strong injection-molded housing, All-compression liner connection (no glue!), Bio mechanical filtration, and 2in. connector.


Isolation ValveAtlantic 1414in. waterfall curtain, Strong injection-molded housing, All-compression liner connection (no glue!), Bio mechanical filtration, and 1-1/2"in. connector.


Filter Reservoir:

Isolation Valve Atlantic BF1250 FilterFalls Extra- wide spillway enhances the water fall and aerates the water. Open swirl chamber means water flows evenly and efficiently through filter. Extra large container holds more bacteria for a cleaner pond. Rigid skimmer basket makes cleaning easy. Just empty and rinse with hose. Extra-wide basket and filter mat means less maintenance.

Isolation Valve

Savio Filter Weir 31: 31" Savio FilterWeir: This easily installable weir provides the tranquil sounds and visual splendor of a cascading waterfall on a large scale. This is the way for do-it-yourselfers, and pond pros alike, to create an impressive, dramatic display of falling water, with professional results.

Plus, it's easy to retrofit to existing ponds, and pond free systems, with flow rates up to 10,000 gallons per hour. Includes 31 inch faceplate spillway, and a sturdy media grate for stones or potted plants. Important Information Features: Media grates Media pads Injection molded Mechanical seal 3in. inlets

Water Garden Features - Filtration

On my first water garden pond I did not install a pond filtration system or a UV filter. With my latest Japanese Koi Pond installation, I decided to do the entire system and do it right. I installed a pond pump with a filter system and a UV filter.

Wow, what a difference the filter system made in pond clarity, fish health, and over all maintenance time savings for me. I would do it this way again in a heartbeat.

If you are planning to plant Japanese Koi in your water garden, do not overlook the filtration system. It is quite easy to install during the initial pond building process and the cost is minimal with consider the time saving it will bring to you too.

The main filter filters out the majority of solids while the UV filter kills the algae which would otherwise just recirculate through your pump system. Don't want to mess with a filtration system?

Consider the eco-friendly way to handle water clarity problems. Use all natural Barley Straw Pads. A three-pack will clarify up to 2,100 gallons of water for up to 4 months, enough for an entire season.

Or go with the natural Barley Bales, which last up to 6 months. Each bale comes with a cork floater and plastic netting to keep them from coming apart in your pond. Just slip them under water plants and let this bio-degradable product kill your algae, simply and economically.

Water Garden Features - Pond Lighting:

Pond lighting is definitely an option that you will want to consider. The lighting system shows off your water garden for extended amounts of time and gives a very dynamic appearance to your pond.

Lights are typically low voltage and can safely worked when they are installed in the water without worry of electrical shock. They are also small enough to tuck into small niches and out of the way areas to hide them.

There is nothing more beautiful that feeding your Japanese Koi after dark near your lighting system. Green Living Made Easy Recommendations for

Isolation ValveLighting: Danner 02393 Pondmaster Submersible Halogen Pond Lightset, Three Light with Transformer Decorative low-voltage halogen lights can be placed underwater or along garden paths as walkway low voltage lighting. Three unit configuration with transformer and 4 interchangeable colored discs. Heat-proof glass lens. Waterproof seals for safe underwater operation.

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