Water Gardens

Water Gardens -Garden water features, Watergarden kits.

Water Gardens

Water Gardens | We will cover all aspects pond gardening, including water features, watergarden kits fish etc.

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Probably one of the most dynamic elements you can add to your garden/landscape area is a garden pond, complete with water features.

Garden Ponds bring added value to your property, serenity and calming influence to your yard, and enhanced beauty and interest that no other single feature can bring.

We installed our first Koi Pond over 25 years ago in a very cold weather state - Michigan. It was one of the very first pond in our area and we were breaking new ground in building it. Sure we made mistakes, but we learned from them.

In subsequent installations our ponds were very successful and we wish to pass our success tips on to you, so you can enjoy the benefits of a great water garden while minimizing the headaches. Oh and yes - lets keep our pond green and eco-friendly in the process.

In the following articles, we discuss all facets of garden ponds, starting with the purchase of supplies, installing a water garden feature, and maintaining your very own water garden.

We pass along our own tips learned the hard way and suggestions from professional installers.

Pond Design

In our section on Water-Garden Design, we will discuss location for your pond with regard to trees, neighbors, and land forms. We also address drainage concerns, pond capacity calculations, recommended depths and code issues you may encounter.

Pond Installation

Next, we tackle the issues of installation in the Water-Garden Construction section. We've got recommendations as to liner size and calculations, excavation requirements, liner installation, and a several tips to keep you our of trouble.

Garden Pond Features

In our Water-Garden Features section we will provide insight that will help you with the purchase and installation of your main filter pump, along with pump options, waterfall materials, pond filter equipment, and lighting options. We provide rationale about the reason for each purchase and how important the features are to a successful pond installation.

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Garden Pond Fish

In our article on Water-Garden Fish we've got a great list of tips to keep you out of trouble when considering the purchase of Japanese Koi.

We've also got information on how many fish your pond can support, where to buy them, and the conditions you need to establish in your water garden to keep them healthy and happy.

Aquatic Plants

What is a garden pond without aquatic plants? We will discuss the different types of plants, including Tropical and Hardy Lilies, Lotus, Marginal Plants, Oxygenator Plants and Floaters.

Each variety will be examined for water requirements, temperature requirements,and PH and Lighting requirements. We've also included a complete listing of available plants for you to consider for your water garden.

Refer to our page on Aquatic Plants for your garden pond for more information.

Garden Pond Maintenance

Water-Garden Maintenance is a subject we don't like to talk about, but it is very necessary for a successful pond.

In this section, you'll find tips for winterizing your pond, plant maintenance, addressing liner leaks, water levels, ph levels, algae control, and much more. We will also examine eco-friendly techniques you can implement in your garden pond.

Water-Garden Border Plants

Last, but certainly not least we explore Water-Garden Border Plants. We feel this a very important subject here a Green Living Made Easy as it addresses the transitional area between your water garden and the remainder of your garden/landscape area.

Will discuss types of plants and reasons for using them. After you've read through all the sections, you should have a pretty good idea of how to plan, install, and care for a water garden. The only thing you have left to do is enjoy it! Visit The OnLine Store

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