Weathermatic Irrigation Controller

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Weathermatic Irrigation Controller - SL1600

Find out how this irrigation controller would be a great addition to your irrigation system. Lots of control, features and abilities with the Weathermatic Irrigation Controller.

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Features of the Weathermatic Smart Line SL1600: This irrigation control system allow you to start with a small, 4-zone controller and add modules to bring your controller capacity up to a total of 16 zones.

This is a great way to ease in to your landscaping and add zones only when you need them. All modules feature push-in connections for the wiring, assuring a good connection.

I always dreaded the spring startup of my irrigation system. I would have to reset all of my programmed zone run times and days to let the system run in startup mode. With the Weathermatic Controller - SL1600, it's just a quick turn of the dial to the manual test mode.

Set your zones to run from 10 seconds to 10 minutes, giving you freedom to give your system that initial run-through and quick adjustment upon startup.

The Weathermatic Irrigation Controller Gives You On-Site Weather Station Capabilities

You have the ability to add weather sensors to give you onsite weather station capabilities based on rain and wind conditions. This switches the mode from standard mode to auto-adjust. Have a hard rain last night?

Rest assured you can benefit from the storm, by saving irrigation water with this unit. The controller senses how much water was receive and compares it to the programmed time. There's nothing that you have to do on your own!

Remembering to turn off a system after a rain can be difficult, especially when you have 1,000 other things going on in your life. We love that this system allows us to save water by not running after a rain with no intervention on our part - because we forget every time!

Built-In Zone Valve Locator:

You can also use the built-in valve locater to locate hidden valves in the ground. The unit will send a signal to the zone valve and cause it to chatter by use of a solenoid.

You to easily locate a valve that was not marked. We've had to use this feature several times. Yep, we forgot where that valve was located and there wasn't even a valve box in the area.

Hey, we told you we've got a lot going on! This feature will eliminate digging up your whole yard to find a hidden valve.

The unit also sports a multi-meter to give you early warning of possible electrical problems in your system.

Superb Master Valve Control:

Achieve hydraulic control with settings for zone to zone delays, master valve timing and master valve on/off settings.

The unit can eliminate water runoff by setting maximum allowable run time and minimum soak time by program.

Seasonal Adjustment:

Adjust the monthly watering budget percentage to automatically adjust watering times to the time of year. For instance the spring and fall months do not have nearly the water demand as the middle of the summer. The controller handles this for you and minimizes wasted water.

Omit Times/Days/Dates:

Do you have watering restrictions in your area of the country? If you do, easily input the days or times into the Weathermatic Irrigation Controller and let the controller do all the thinking for you, without worry.

The unit sports a backlit LCD screen. This means you do not need a flashlight to set this controller up. You can program it in the dark corner of your basement or garage and keep both hands free.


Here at Green Living Made Easy, we have used many controllers over the years. We were getting really disenchanted with the electronic models coming out with all their flaws and programming challenges. Once we tried this controller we bought it and fell in love with it. This controller will save you an incredible amount of time and you won't be a bit sorry you purchased it.

Need a large system? Consider the Weathermatic Irrigation Controller - Model SL1624, which comes with 24 zones. Also there is a 48 zone model, the SL4800, eliminating need for multiple controllers and programming headaches.

Overall, we give the Weathermatic Controllers 9.5 out of 10 stars, for being an all-around great line of products. Seriously, the only way this thing could get any better is if it planted flowers and pulled weeds for us

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