Wind Generators

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Wind Generators

Wind Generators are a proven green power system. Now may be the right time for you to install one.

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Wind Generators - A Short History: Save Ten With Angie's List!

Wind generators have been the talk of the green community for decades.

But really, wind powered turbines have been in existence since 200 b.c., being used first by the Persians.

The first commercial use of wind generators were by the Dutch in the 14th century to drain areas of the Rhine River delta, and many of these systems are still in use today.

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Wind Generators - Dutch Windmill

Wind generation in the United States got its roots in the farm community and was used mainly to pump water for crops.

Around the time of World War I there were over 100,000 working windmills used on farms. By the 1930's windmills to generate electricity for farm use was common.

Wind Generators - Environmental Impact:

There has been a lot of buzz about the pros and cons of wind generators over the years. Basically wind energy as the following attributes:

Wind power consumes no fuel to generate power.

Wind energy emits no air pollution to produce power. They do not produce any carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, mercury, or particulates of any kind. So there is not any type of air pollution associated with wind power as compared to fossil fuel power generating systems.

Green Electricity

Wind Generators - Bird & Bat Environmental Impact

There has been a lot of talk about bird and bat impact on wind turbines, especially the propeller-driven units. The scale of this environmental impact has not been proven and may or may not be significant.

If the wind farm was located in a migratory pattern of birds or in an area with significant bird or bat populations, this may be a concern, and the systems should be shut down during peak bird and bat activity.

Also, when compared to fossil fuel systems studies have shown that wind generation systems produce 0.4 to 0.8 bird fatalities per gigawatt hour vs. 5.2 bird fatalities per gigawatt hour for fossil fuel systems. So the green energy produced by wind systems exhibit 10% or less of the bird fatalities of their fossil fuel counterparts.

A study by Lenzen and Munksgaard of the University of Sydney and the Danish Institute for Local Governmental Studies finds that the energy consumed in manufacturing and transporting the materials used to build a wind power plant is paid back within months.

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Wind Generators - Wind Resources:

Wind Generators - Wind Resources:

Wind turbines in locations with constantly high wind speeds bring best return on investment.

With a wind resource assessment it is possible to estimate the amount of energy the wind turbine will produce.

Governmental Agencies produce Wind Analysis Maps for all areas of the country and these can be used for a preliminary assessment of an area you are considering.

While the only accurate assessment that can be relied upon is the actual measurement on a particular area of the site, this usually is not practical for the single-family homeowner.

Another way to discover the viability of wind generation in your area is to visit local homeowners with wind turbines and gather information about their systems, such as size, efficiencies and amount of power they produce. This can at least help you put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Wind Generators - LEED for Homes:

Under the Energy and Atmosphere EA10 Section of the LEED for Homes section of the USGBC rating system, up to 10 points can be gained by the used of a wind powered electrical energy system.

You can get 1 point for each 3% of power that is generated on-site of the annual reference electrical load met by the system, and up to 10 points maximum for a wind generator that will supply 30% or more of the homes electrical consumption.

The Annual Reference electric load is defined as the amount of electricity that a typical hoe would consume in a typical year.

The annual reference electric load must be determined using the procedures specified in the 2006 Mortgage Industry National Home Energy Rating Standard (HERS) Guidelines.

Wind Generators - Where You Go From Here:

We will be developing a lot of useful information as it relates to Wind Generation. Here are some of the articles coming up shortly.

Wind Generators
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