Sun: The sun warms our planet, provides the light by which we see, and is essential to our lives.  Through intelligent design and integration of technology, Imua works to harness its energy and control its power.  Sustainable sun power is abundant in the Hawaiian Islands.  We have access to technology ranging from basic systems such as solar water heating and photovoltaic arrays to new and exciting technologies on the horizon.  Protection from the sun is equally important and Imua works to implement design choices such as generous overhangs and light colored exterior materials to reduce heat island effect.  

Land: We were given this beautiful land by our Creator; it is ours to borrow and to respect. Imua attempts to show respect to the ‘aina by preserving its natural beauty. Minimal site disturbance allows for continued enjoyment of the natural vegetation that makes the Hawaiian Islands beautiful.  Creative design allows us to sculpt structures and access pathways to follow the natural topography and to create homes that blend well with their surroundings.  Supplementing the site with natural vegetation and indigenous plantings also shows a respect for the land. 


Water: Many homes sites in Hawai’i feature spectacular views of the ocean. Imua is committed to designing only homes that are worthy of their locations. Additionally, pure natural water is essential to life and is limited in Hawai’i.  There are many things that we can do to conserve this natural resource.  For landscaping we encourage the use of roof water collection systems, low consumption irrigation, and drought tolerant plant species.  Inside the home we implement technologies including low consumption toilets, faucets, and showerheads.  Grey water sanitary systems can be utilized for outdoor irrigation. 

Wind: Ancient Hawaiians believed that the wind, or makani, was a life giving spirit.  They looked to the wind to nurture their spiritual wellbeing and to assist them in crossing the ocean in their canoes.  Today, we recognize the wind as another great source of sustainability available to many in the State of Hawai’i.  
Imua encourages clients to take advantage of the opportunity to capture this free energy with a myriad of wind generation devices.  Additionally, skillful planning and intelligent design allows us to use the trade winds to provide natural airflow to all areas of a home.